ZEE5 Original Anaganaga: The Emotional Storms Start Rising In Episode 4

Sneha Bale

February 4, 2020


1 min

The waging war

The ZEE5 Original show Anaganaga is really keeping us hooked with its interesting and non-linear story. So far, we have met all the 11 characters and we have seen had a glimpse at how the lives of these characters are intertwined. Three episodes later, we are finally stepping out of the introductory times and are stepping into the serious drama. Here’s what we got hooked to in the fourth episode.

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Sam and Anjali came too close to admitting their feelings for each other, but Anjali decided to “never speak about it”. What follows is endless misery and loneliness on both ends.

Time to address

With one week to the wedding day, Maya met the man she admired immensely, Himanshu Dev Kashyap. And within one meeting, her emotions have gone haywire. After contemplating her emotions for the newly arrived man in her life, and the man she thought she would marry, Maya is in a fix. Now, she has come to meet Anand, but where will destiny take them?

Destiny's magic

“One more coincidence” that’s what Tara told Jai before agreeing to go out on a date with Jai. And just as Jai had been hoping, the coincidence was around the corner. Now that they are on their first day, we wonder if these two polar opposite personalities strike a chord.

The story 'follows'...

Esha and Vamsi! What do we say about them? It’s the third day, and the boy is still happily following the beautiful girl. Esha, who was trying to avoid him, is now smiling as he follows her. An old-world love story!

Storm after the silence

In another event, Esha goes back home alone. Kalyana, her apparent would-be husband, feels suffocated when he is unable to talk to Esha. However, Esha’s phone battery dies just when she needs it the most. Will the follower come to her rescue?

Let us know how you found the fourth episode of Anaganaga on ZEE5. You can also check out Three Half Bottles here.

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