ZEE5 Original Anaganaga: It’s Time To Get Closer To The Moment Of Confessions In Episode 3

Sneha Bale

February 3, 2020


1 min

The secret smile that counts

The curious case of ZEE5 Original show, Anaganaga, is the new cool. With 11 characters forming one story, this show is gripping and interesting. While the first episode left us hanging lose midair with our peaked curiosity, the second episode gave us something to hang on to. And now, in episode 3, we come another step closer into the stories and lives of these interesting characters.

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Until now, we felt like Esha was genuinely being bothered by Vamsi. But finally, Esha let out a smile when she saw Vamsi following her continuously. This also affirms Vamsi that he is on the right track. This scene with no dialogues is quite powerful, and we can all agree on it.

An encounter with the memories

In another scene, Jai sits all by himself and smiles while looking away. Unlike the magician and flirtatious version of himself, Jai lets go of his boyish charm and turns into a mature adult. That’s how we know that a time-leap is coming soon for us.

Throwback to Jai and Tara's meeting before 'meeting destiny'

Soon, we realise that the reason behind Jai’s smile – is his third meeting with Tara, the girl who speaks about destiny and the universe. We’re excited because the next thing is, we will learn more about the relationship between this casanova and the curly-haired girl.

Where the strings start to tie together

In another scene, we see an intense conversation between Maya and Himanshu on one table. And Anjali and Sam talk about love, like Maya and Himanshu, on a table that’s right behind them. We’re not very sure yet, but we can start to see the pattern that connects them all. In the case of these four youngsters, it is love that brings them together.

Almost there...

Since episode 1, we are being teased with the chemistry between Sam and Anjali. Finally, in this episode the talk about their ideas of love and their views of relationships. Although they haven’t spelt it out, both, Sam and Anjali, have confessed that they wouldn’t want to let go of each other to accommodate someone else.

With all these ‘feels’, we know you want to catch up on it all. Find all the episodes of Anaganaga on ZEE5, streaming now.

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