ZEE5 Original Anaganaga: 5 Scenes That Start To Tie The Loose Ends In Episode 2

Sneha Bale

January 30, 2020


1 min

The mutual secret

The latest ZEE5 Original show, Anaganaga, is a relationship-drama that revolves around 11 characters. These characters and their lives are intertwined with each other, because of love, guilt, pain and grief. In the pilot episode, we met many characters who left us and our skyrocketed curiosity hanging midair. Thankfully, the second episode gives us a little more insight. Check it out here.

Watch the second episode here:

We know Anjali has a crush on her best friend, Sam. But after the conversation between Sam, Anjali and her friend, we are sure. Just like Anjali, Sam has a crush on his best friend, too. And suddenly, his statement of being her boyfriend in a bet makes sense to us.

The unspoken tension

There is some tension between Himanshu, the business tycoon and the Maya, the journalist. We can sense that the silences between them aren’t just awkward silences, they’re much more.

The journey to self-destruction

Later in the episode, we understand the reason behind Himanshu’s downfall. Earlier, we knew about his unsuccessful love story. But finally, it is revealed that his love story failed because the love of his life passed away.

The ultimate confusion

What happens when the man you admire immensely confesses his love for you? And this happens in first meeting? While most of us can only begin to comprehend, Maya is living through it. With a week to her wedding, what will she do?

The behaviour

Who would have expected that Kalyan is currently ‘seeing’ Esha to be his potential wife? But witnessing his behaviour in two episodes, it is very difficult to believe that this story will go ahead.

Let us know how you found the second episode of Anaganaga on ZEE5. You can also check out Three Half Bottles here.

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