Judgement Day Review: Madhumita Sarcar’s Riveting Performance Will Make Your Heart Sink

Jessica David

February 20, 2020


4 min


Warning! You cannot get through this ZEE5 Original crime series without clenching your jaws and wrenching your guts! Dealing with the most sensitive and disturbing issue of rape and sexual crimes in India, Madhumita Sarcar and Sohini Sarkar starrer Judgement Day shows the real picture of our insensitive society and cruel misogyny. The story revolves around Hiya Mitra, who is a free-spirited and carefree girl. She is a rockstar and the only female member of her music band Parthenium. The person who has got her back at all times is Diya Mitra, her sister and a law student.

The director, Ayan Chakraborti, does an incredible job at crushing the utterly flawed mentality of “blaming the victim”. With the characters of Hiya’s family, namely her father, mother and brother Riyaan, a mirror is shown to the orthodox school of thought in communities. Hiya gets raped on 23 May 2019, the first day of coming from Jalpaiguri to Kolkata, where Diya studies law. Even after the extremely brutal experience, she survives. Despite having the vigour to live and fight, she is forced to hide herself to save her family’s face. Not only her, but Diya is also shushed when trying to raise her voice.

Like every coin has two sides, Judgement Day very intelligently portrays both faces of the police force of our nation. On one side are officers Deepak and Subrata who refuse to file a diary when Diya comes with Hiya’s missing complaint. Instead, the police pass derogatory comments on her and her flatmate Sanjana’s dresses, demeanour and deeds. And on the brighter side is ACP Javed Khan (Abhishek Singh), accompanied by Inspectors Moushumi and Sudeep, who leave no stone unturned to arrest the rapists. Moushumi’s dialogues are bound to make you chuckle!

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The credit goes to the casting director and Arpan Goshal for his strangely amazing acting as Mac (Makhanlal Singh). Mac is a psychopathic sadist with the mask of being Hiya’s goody-good boyfriend! In the interrogation scene between ACP Javed and Mac, both Abhishek and Arpan translate their own kind of craziness and mystery through their eyes! Sohini (Diya) roars like a lioness, going against her conservative family and fighting for her sister. But, Madhumita takes the cake for feeling like a rape victim and portraying it seamlessly on-screen.

Not to give you spoilers of the climax, your heart will sink deep halfway through the final episode. But, reaching the end of it, there is still a silver lining for you through Diya! The series is a slap on the face of people who mentally and verbally rape the victim even after the physical rapists have done so. Oscillating between a year ago and now, it loudly shouts that there is no justification for rape. Neither her short dresses nor alcohol, neither frankness nor her profession. The only reason for rape is inhuman men and their disgusting minds!

Produced by Rupa Dutta and shot by Souvik Basu, the series is made in Hindi and Bengali. Judgement Day premiered on 5 February 2020, exclusively on ZEE5 Originals. Go ahead and watch the series. Share with us in the comments section below about your views!

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