Zee Tamil Kudumbam Viruthugal 2019: Top Six Shows That Have Bagged Maximum Nominations

October 3, 2019


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It’s exciting times ahead folks! The list of nominees for the Zee Tamil Kudumbam Virthugal 2019 is already out and this is the perfect opportunity for all you fans of Zee Tamil to show much how much you love your favourite TV stars. Interestingly, a select few shows that are popular with our viewers have gone on to bag the maximum nominations. Here’s what you need to know about the top six popular shows that have bagged maximum nominations:

Sembaruthi – Sembaruthi is the story of a rich business tycoon named Adithya and Parvathy, who works as a cook at his mansion. Although Adithya’s mother admires Parvathy for her dedication and sincerity, she doesn’t think that she will be a suitable girl for her son. How Adithya keeps up his promise made to Parvathy without hurting his mother’s sentiments forms the crux of the story. Check out the long list of nominations garnered by this show.

Karthik Raj – Adithya – Best Actor and Favourite Hero

Shabana Shajahan – Parvathy – Best Actress, Favourite Heroine and Most Popular Marumagal

Laxmi – Vanaja – Best Villi and Favourite Villi

Priya Raman – Most Popular Mamiyar and Most Popular Amma

Sanjay Asrani – Most Popular Appa

Janani Ashokkumar – Aishwarya – Best Supporting Actress and Most Popular Marumagal

VJ Kathir – Arun – Best Supporting Actor

Jennifer – Uma – Best Comedian (Female)

Bharatha Naidu – Mithra – Sembaruthi

Karthik Raj and Shabana – Adithya and Parvathy – Favourite Pair On-Screen

Mounika – Nandhini – Best Villi

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

SathyaSathya is a tomboyish girl who thinks that romance is not her cup of tea. However, she ends up surprising herself when she falls in love with Prabhu. Sadly, she isn’t aware of the fact that Prabhu is her elder sister Divya’s fiance. Moreover, Prabhu has no romantic interest in Sathya. He only loves her as a friend. Here’s a list of the nominations that this love triangle has attracted.

Vishnu Vijay – Prabhu – Best Actor and Favourite Hero

Ayesha – Sathya – Best Actress and Favourite Heroine

Vishnu and Ayesha – Prabhu and Sathya – Favourite Pair On-Screen

Ramya – Divya – Best Villi and Favourite Villi

Yasmin – Janaki – Most Popular Amma

Rajashekhar – Shanmugam – Most Popular Appa

Indiran – Sasi – Best Comedian (Male)

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

Santosh – Kathir – Best Supporting Actor

Shalini – Sowmya – Best Supporting Actress

Yaaradi Nee Mohini – This supernatural thriller centres around Mutharasan and the two women in his life – Swetha and Vennila. Swetha wishes to marry Mutharasan only to satisfy her inflated ego and pacify her obsession while Vennila genuinely loves him. Swetha hatches dirty plans to kill Vennila, but Chitra’s (Mutharasan’s late wife) blessings save her. Judging by the list of nominations this series has bagged, it’s evident that there has been some stellar work put into this ghostly love story. Read on to find out the nominees from this series.

Sree Kumar – Mutharasan – Best Actor and Favourite Hero

Nakshatra – Vennila – Best Actress and Favourite Heroine

Sree Kumar and Nakshatra – Mutharasan and Vennila – Favourite Pair On-Screen

Chaitra Reddy – Swetha – Best Villi and Favourite Villi

Murali Krish – Annamalai – Best Supporting Actor

Yamuna Chinnadurai – Chitra – Best Supporting Actress

Bharath – Maruthu – Best Supporting Actor

Srinidhi – Janani – Best Supporting Actress

Aravind – Dr Azhagappan – Best Comedian (Male)

Akshaya – Akshaya – Best Comedian (Female)

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

Poove Poochoodava – This TV show is about a married couple – Shiva and Shakthi. Shiva’s step-mother is hell-bent on grabbing his wealth and doesn’t want him to lead a happy married life. Hence, she keeps doing things to create problems between them. Scroll below to see the list of nominees from this show.

Karthik Vasu – Shuva – Most Promising Newcomer

Reshma Muralidharan – Shakthi – Best Actress

Krithika – Meenakshi – Best Supporting Actress and Most Popular Marumagal

Madan Pandian – Sundar – Best Supporting Actor

Kousalya Senthamarai – Naagalakshmi- Best Comedian (Female)

Meenalumari – Subhatra – Favourite Villi

Uma Padmanabhan – Gothavari – Most Popular Amma

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

Reshma and Karthik – Shiva and Shakthi – Best Pair On-Screen

Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari – This show is an adaptation of Hindi soap, Badho Bahu, that was based on the issue of weight shaming. In the Tamil version, Rasathi, who has weight issues, gets married to Iniyan, a Kabaddi player. Disliking her for her weight initially, Iniyan realises that Rasathi has a golden heart. He starts bonding with her, but his aunt doesn’t want him to be kind to Rasathi. Hence, she keeps provoking him against her. The weighty script of this series is backed by some flawless performances on part of several actors. Small wonder then that this show has attracted so many nominations. Scroll down to check them out.

Puvi Arasu Muthusamy – Iniyan – Most Promising Actor

Ashwini Radha Krishna – Rasathi – Best Actress, Favourite Heroine and Most Popular Marumagal

Puvi and Ashwini – Iniyan and Rasathi – Favourite Pair On-Screen

Prabhakaran – Parivendhar -Most Popular Appa

Ravi Verma – Nesamani – Most Popular Appa

Sabitha Anand – Senbagavalli – Most Popular Amma

Bindu Aneesh – Maragatham – Most Popular Mamiyar, Best Villi and Favourite Villi

Lakshmi – Mangai – Most Popular Mamiyar

Swathi – Kanmani- Best Villi

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

Nachiyarpuram – In the short span since its launch, Nachiyarpuram, starring real-life married couple Dinesh and Rachitha, has already gotten a solid fan following. Karthik and Jothi hail from families that have been at loggerheads for decades over a piece of property. In spite of being foes, how love blossoms between them forms the crux of the story. The stellar work put into the show is evident from the long list of nominations secured in its name. Check them out.

Dinesh – Karthik- Best Actor and Favourite Hero

Rachitha – Jothi – Best Actress and Favourite Heroine

Usha Sai – Marikozundhu – Best Comedian (Female)

Girish – Natarajan -Most Popular Appa

Deepa Nethran – Seetha Lakshmi – Most Popular Amma

Premi – Jayalakshmi – Most Popular Amma

Ashwin Karthik – Dharma – Best Supporting Actor

Dinesh and Rachitha – Karthik and Jothi – Favourite Pair On-Screen

Favourite Serial and Best Serial

For those who joined in late, here’s taking a look at the two broad categories and the various sub-categories.

Under the ‘Best’ category, there are twenty sub-categories while there are six sub-categories under ‘Favourite’.

Check out the Best Sub-Categories –

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Anchor
Best Child Celebrity
Best Villi
Best Comedian – Female
Best Comedian – Male
Best Judge – Male
Best Judge – Female
Most Popular Marumagal
Most Promising Actor
Most Promising Actress
Most Popular Appa
Most Popular Amma
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Most Popular Mamiyar
Best Non Fiction
Most Promising Anchor
Best Serial

Check out the Favourite Sub-Categories:

Favourite Hero
Favourite Heroine
Favourite Villi

Favourite Serial
Favourite Pair On-Screen
Favourite Anchor

So shower love on your favourite actors, anchors and TV shows by casting your vote now. And for more entertainment, check out Fingertip, Zee5 Tamil’s latest Original Series.

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