Zee Kutumbam Awards 2018: Kalyana Vaibhogam And Muddha Mandaram Bagged Top Honours

Sneha Bale

September 25, 2019


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Some actors become stars after impressing you day after day while for others, all it takes is a single Friday. Rarely, do we get a chance to see small-screen as well as big-screen stars come together on one platform. However, this October, Zee Kutumbam Awards 2019 will bring the best of both these worlds to you. Performances by Shalini Pandey of Arjun Reddy fame, Karthikeya of RX100 fame, Nabha Natesh and Nidhhi Agerwal will set the stage on fire. Our favourite and beloved Pavan Sae, Thanuja Gowda, VJ Sunny, Meghana Lokesh, Sree Priya and many more stars will make an appearance too.

Before we witness this year’s extravaganza, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at all that happened during the Zee Kutumbam Awards 2018. Here’s who made the cut and won the most prestigious awards.

Favourite Jodi: Jai and Manga of Kalyana Vaibhogam

Favourite Hero: Deva of Muddha Mandaram

Favourite Heroine: Parvathi of Muddha Mandaram

Favourite Young Villain: Neelambari of Muddha Mandaram

Favourite Atta: Bhanumati of Na Kodalu Bangaram

Favourite Kodalu: Manga of Kalyana Vaibhogam

Favourite Serial: Kalyana Vaibhogam

Favourite Anchor: Sreemukhi

Sreemukhi on ZKA 2018
Sreemukhi on ZKA 2018

Uttama Kodalu: Siri of Na Kodalu Bangaram

Uttama Jodi: Vamsi and Vasundhara of Maate Mantramu

Uttama Lady Villain: Kanthamma of Maate Mantramu

Uttama Anna Chellellu: Krishna Priya and Krishna Prasad of Rakhta Sambandham

Uttama Anna Thammullu: Suryavamsham Brothers

Uttama Akka Chellellu: Suryavamsham Sisters

Uttama Bhamma Manavallu: Jagadeeshwari and Ganga, Manga of Ganga Manga

Uttama Vadina-Adapaduchu: Bharati and Brahmini of Ninne Pelladatha

Uttama Inti Pedda: Aparna Devi of Maate Mantramu

Uttama Kutumbam: Ghattammaneni family of Muddha Mandaram

Uttama Thodi Kodalu: Lokeshwari of Gudamma Katha

Uttama Koduku: Aditya of Rakhta Sambandham

Uttama Non-Fiction Show: Drama Juniors

Surya Teja, VJ Sunny, Meghana Lokesh on ZKA 2018
Surya Teja, VJ Sunny, Meghana Lokesh on ZKA 2018

Gadasari Atta: Kanaka Durga of Rakhta Sambandham

Gadasari Kodalu: Gundamma of Gundamma Katha

Comedian Villain Female: Bhavani of Muddha Mandaram

Comedian: Kondamma of Mutyala Muggu

Aarambham Oka Adugotone: Mutyala Muggu

Romantic Couple: Bhoomi Virat of Mutyala Muggu

Young Mother: Swaroopa Srinivas of Kalyana Vaibhogam

Evergreen Couple: Deva and Parvathi of Muddha Mandaram

Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam: Nandika and Dhanush of Mutyala Muggu

Special Appreciation Award: Punnaga

Fresh Face at Facebook: Prathap of Ninne Pelladatha (Madhu)

Cute Couple: Mahi and Aishwarya of Muddha Mandaram

Style Icon: Kaushal Manda of Suryavamsham

Ravi, Pavan Sae, Thanuja Gowda, Sreemukhi on ZKA 2018
Ravi, Pavan Sae, Thanuja Gowda, Sreemukhi on ZKA 2018

Still counting all the awards your favourite show had won? Let us know your count below. Stay tuned for ZKA 2019 on October 20th. Until then check out these amazing movies on ZEE5.

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