Your Favourite Show Sathya Completes 100 Episodes Today

Sathya revolves around a tomboyish girl who looks after her late father’s mechanic shed and manages it with a group of male friends.

June 27, 2019


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Your favourite show Sathya is all set to score a century! Yes, Sathya starring Ayesha in the titular role and Vishnu Vijay as the male lead, completes 100 episodes today. Sathya revolves around a tomboyish girl who looks after her late father’s mechanic shed along with a group of male friends who stand by her through thick and thin. She is flamboyant, street-smart, brave yet sensitive, humble and magnanimous.

Watch the latest episode of Sathya here:

Sathya aka Ayesha took to her Instagram page to share a story to celebrate 100 episodes of the show.

Take a look at her instagram story here:

Ayesha's Instagram Status
Ayesha’s Instagram Status

Her kindness and generous nature makes her a lovable character. But unfortunately, her elder sister Divya dislikes her and often thinks ill of her. Sathya if often kept out of discussions in family matters and is not even informed about her sister’s marriage. She is asked to stay out of the house until Divya’s marriage gets finalised. Incidentally, Sathya becomes a friend of Prabhu, who is engaged to Divya. Prabhu and Sathya become good friends but Divya doesn’t appreciate their relationship. Interestingly, neither Sathya nor Prabhu knows the truth about Divya.

Sathya falls in love with Prabhu while he only treats her as a friend. Sathya’s friends want her to get married to Prabhu because they know Divya is not the right choice for him. Moreover, Divya has lied about her horoscope. She presents Sathya’s horoscope as hers during the match-making. She was in a relationship with someone else but she ended up dumping him for Prabhu, who is richer. Will Sathya’s pristine love win over her money-minded sister’s evil intentions? Stay tuned to know what happens hereafter.

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