You Will Not Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya After Seeing These Pics

July 16, 2019


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Sembaruthi is a show that has won the hearts of the many viewers across the nation. This show which streams on ZEE5 is about Adithya (Karthik Raj) and his struggle between his duty towards his love, Parvathy (Shabana) and his mother Akhilandeshwari (Priya Raman). In the show which speaks about the family and relationship also highlights the differences of class that exists in our society. Apart from this, the romance between Adithya and Parvathy is also an attraction of the show that the masses cherish to watch.

Watch the love between Adithya and Parvathy is the show Sembaruthi.

Now, along with the other aspects mentioned one more important aspect that viewers like to watch is the character of Aishwarya Shankar (Janani Ashokkumar). Janani is without a doubt a good actor but with that fact, she is also a great source of inspiration to many. Her style, her dress and make-up is a constant source of motivation. If you were to check the Instagram handle of this actress then you would see the variety that this actress brings in to life.

Of the many beautiful pictures that the actress has shared on her page, we have hand-picked a few of them, which we find to be the cutest of all. So, check out posts of Janani which proves that she is the cutest of all.

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The modern version of Yashoda & Krishna (Janani & Vishnu) . . The relationship between Yashoda and Sri Krishna is one of the most celebrated mother-son relationships of all time. Yashoda’s unfathomable love for Krishna has inspired many works of art. She is an integral part of Krishna’s childhood lilas. Once, when sage Narada visited Nanda’s house, he was greeted with one of the most divine sights. Narada watched on as Mother Yashoda punished her mischievous little boy Krishna by tying him with a grinding stone. Seeing this, Narada said, “Enna Thavam Saidhanai, Yashoda” which translates as “What penance have You (Mother Yashoda) undertaken to be bestowed with the powers to punish the supreme (Narayana)”. Because here was the Supreme Godhead— “the beginning and the end and also the middle” who let Himself being chastised by a mere mortal! It is believed that Yashoda and Nanda performed great penance in their previous birth. Lord Vishnu was happy with their prayers and appeared in front of them. He asked the couple what they wanted and the couple said that they wanted to treat Lord Vishnu as their son. Lord Vishnu was amused because He is the Creator of the whole universe. However, He never knew what a mother’s love is and that is why conceded to the request and granted them this boon. Hence when Lord Vishnu appeared on the earth in His Krishna avatar, it was Yashoda who brought him up despite not being the biological mother of Sri Krishna. The relationship between Yashoda and Sri Krishna is not just a bond between a mother and her son. In a way, Mother Yashoda is also one of the most ardent devotees of Sri Krishna. What begins as ‘Vatsalya Prem’ (love for her son) evolves into ‘Vatsalya Bhakti’ (devotion of a mother). #nephew #nephew💙 #hemeanstheworldtome #unexpectedclick📷 #பெற்றால்தான்பிள்ளையா . . Wearing: @mabia_mb MUAH: @vetrihairandmakeup Jewellery: @new_ideas_fashions Hair extensions: Photography: Smile partner: @pearl32dentalspa

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The post where Janani poses with her nephew and compares the duo to Yashoda and Krishna definitely takes the first place in the list.

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பெண்ணே! உன் காந்தக் கண்ணாலே என்னை இழுத்துச் செல்லாதே! வனப்பைக் கூட்டி என்னாசையை விளையச்செய்யாதே ! ஆடவன் ஆவலைத் தூண்டும் பெண்ணாய்… வானவில்லாய் இல்லாமல் தலை சாய்ந்து நிற்கும் கதிராய் தமிழ் நாணப் பூவாய் நீ இங்கு பூத்திருந்தால் அச்சம் மடம் நாணத்தோடு வலம் வந்தால் தலைக் குனிவு உனக்கில்லை! துணிவோடு நீ இருந்தால் உனக்கு எப்படி வரும் தொல்லை! . . -படித்ததில் பிடித்தது🌸 . . Wearing: @keetsmakeoverboutique Jewellery: @kwelfashionzz Silk thread bangles: @the__blush

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The girl in Pavadai Davani and Malligai poo is no one else but our cute Janani!

That shy eyes which do not meet you are bound to mesmerise you with its beauty.

Hope the fake attitude and that cute smile is not too hard for you to handle.

Is she worried??? Or is she just thinking??? But what must be said is that she looks cute even when she is all candid.

So, which among these is your favourite picture? Share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

In case you missed out on an episode of Sembaruthi, you can now watch them on ZEE5.

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