You Too Can Have A Shiny Mane Like Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya With These 5 Tips

June 26, 2019


3 min

Have you noticed Aishwarya Shankar‘s beautiful hair, that she flaunts in many different ways? In the show, Sembaruthi that airs on the ZEE5, the character of Aishwarya is essayed by Janani Ashokkumar. In the series, we get to see her beautiful hair styled in different patterns, the texture of that luscious hair is sure to spike your interest.

Watch the charm that Aishwarya brings in to the Sembaruthi.

Now, if you have really been amazed by the quality of hair, of this beautiful actress, it is high time you took proper steps for the haircare regiment of yours.

So, here are five essential tips that can help you improve the quality and look of your hair.

1. Protect your hair: Cover your hair when you step out in extreme weather conditions as excessive sun, heat and dirt can affect the scalp and thus damage your hair.

2. Wet hair woes: Always be extra careful when you are dealing with wet hair. For the roots of your hair is prone to more damage when they are wet. Be gentle when you apply shampoo and also be careful while combing wet hair. It is best to avoid combing wet hair.

3. The right conditioner: Remember to apply conditioner after you wash your hair with a shampoo. Conditioners are meant for the shaft of your hair and not the scalp. Thus, too much conditioner on the scalp might make your scalp oily.

4. Stick to your shampoo: Avoid trying too many different shampoos and conditioners. If the need arises for you to select a shampoo or conditioner of a different brand, then make sure you stick to a similar type of composition so that you do not damage your hair.

5. Oil the scalp: Oiling your scalp is essential and make sure you do this regularly. While doing this make sure you don’t overdo this as excess oil can affect your scalp as well as hair.

Do you have any more tips to add to these? Do let us know in the comments section below!

In case you missed out on any episode of Sembaruthi, watch it streaming on ZEE5.


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