You Know You Have To Watch ‘Engineer This’ If Your Kids Ask You How Things Are Made

ZEE5’s #HarTarahSeChampionBano campaign motivates kids to explore their creativity by using simple engineering techniques.

Janhvi Sharma

September 16, 2020


3 min


ZEE5 Kids is one of the best apps for your little ones. The app not only teaches the kids new things but also keeps them entertained thoroughly. ZEE5 Kids app will help your kids with vocational learning and make them more active especially during this lockdown. Engineer This is the perfect D-I-Y series that helps you to use things around the house. The Do-It-Yourself show lets your kid create their unique masterpiece by turning unused things into something amazing and beautiful by using simple engineering techniques. Engineer This includes exciting D-I-Y art and craft projects that will surely make your kid more creative.

1. Learn how to make a guitar

Do you know how to make a guitar at home? Well, Engineer This, the show will help you create your musical instrument by showing you how. Isn’t that exciting? If you like playing the guitar, do watch this DIY video and learn to make a guitar out of broken boxes that are easily available at home.

2. Learn how to make a Hydroponic set

Want to know how to make hydroponic gardening? Engineer This will help you and teach you step by step to create a simple and low-cost hydroponic set at home.

3. Learn how to make vacuum a cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is used by everyone to keep their houses clean and dirt free. Purchasing a good vacuum cleaner can be an expensive and tedious process. Instead, make a vacuum cleaner at home with materials available right in your homes!

4. Learn how to make a forklift

Forklifts help in loading and unloading materials. Forklifts can be a piece of useful equipment that solves every problem in seconds. Watch this ‘Do-It-Yourself’ video to learn how to assemble a forklift and give it a try now.

5. Learn how to prepare honeycomb structures

Do you know the secret behind strong honeycomb structures? Well, the honeycomb structures are quite fascinating and have a great design. Watch this video to know how to prepare honeycomb structures and lift heavy weights.

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