Yaare Nee Mohini Weekly Update 2-10 December 2019: Forces Bring Muttu And Belli Together


December 11, 2019

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Earlier, Maya creates a façade in front of Muttu to manipulate him into performing certain rituals. Since Maya has given Belli sleeping tablets so that she doesn’t intervene in the rituals, Chitra gets into the body of Maya and performs them with Muttu. This agitates Maya. As a result, she tortures Belli by forcing her to walk with her injured leg.

This week, Maya again manipulates Muttu by asking him to come to the temple during midnight in the name of another ritual. When the two are at the temple, she tells him that they’re actually going to tie the knot . Muttu refuses to wed Maya in a secretive manner. He also says that he cannot get married before his sister and it goes against his conscience to go about it this way.

Maya conspires to get married to Muttu
Maya conspires

Maya keeps arguing with Muttu to get married and threatens him to kill herself.

Maya threatens to kill herself
Maya threatens to kill herself

Meanwhile, Aishwarya and Belli are having a conversation about Muttu where Belli tells her how much Muttu takes care of her and talks very fondly of him.

Aishu and Belli talk
Aishu and Belli talk

Muttu and Belli share a romantic moment.

Romantic moment
Romantic moment

In the kitchen, Maya asks Muttu why he is never concerned about her and the two begin to fight. Maya asks him why he is refusing to marry her. Muttu tells everyone how Maya lied to him to get him to marry her.

fight between maya and muttu
Fight between maya and muttu

Muttu slaps Maya for lying to him about everything. Just then Belli prays to God and hopes for no one to get hurt and for everyone to be happy.

Maya gets slapped

Maya is performing yet another ritual where the pot in her hand falls and breaks. In an unimaginable way, her saree sets fire.

another ritual
Maya performs another ritual

Just then, the priestess arrives right on time and saves her from the fire.

The priestess comes to Maya’s rescue

While Belli is praying to God on one hand, the tantric is performing rituals to keep Muttu and Belli away. The priestess comes in the form of a snake and scares the tantric.

belli prays
Belli prays for divine intervention

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