Yaare Nee Mohini: Incidents Which Prove That Maya Can Never Be The Perfect Partner To Muttu

Maya is not the ideal partner to Muttu like Belli is. Why do we say so? Read on to know more!


July 16, 2020


2 min


In the earlier episodes of Yaare Nee Mohiniwe see that Muttu expresses his love for Belli and the two finally get married. However, Muttu decides to tell Neelambari that they have gotten married in the temple and that he is in love with her. He also says that he does not have the power to be apart from her which is why he decided to tie the knot with her. Neelambari, on the other hand, pretends to fall ill again and tells him to marry Maya while forgetting the fact that he has gotten married to Belli.

Maya, as we know, wants to wed Muttu even though the latter is married to Belli. She even tries to tie the knot with him forcefully a few months before he realises his love for Belli. Along with the same, she drugs his drink which makes him unconscious so that she can get intimate with him and have his child. With the idea that this plan will evoke the feeling of love within him, she goes about it only to fail miserably.

Maya has always been forceful with regard to expressing her love to Muttu without actually letting him decide who he wants to be with. She never puts in an effort to understand him and get to know him as a person. Unlike Belli, she is always thinking about herself and does not try to win his heart in a genuine manner. Belli, elsewhere, decides to sacrifice her love for the betterment of Muttu.

While Belli, as well as Maya, put up a good fight to win his heart, Maya represents evil thereby highlighting the triumph of good over the latter. Therefore, in no way is Maya the ideal partner to Muttu and can never be.

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