Yaare Nee Mohini: 5 Qualities That Make Shanmugam An Ideal Friend To Muttu


April 6, 2020

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A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say! Well, it is very true and our favourite Shanmugam from Yaare Nee Mohini stands as proof of the same. As we know, Shanmugam and Muttu have been the best of friends since childhood. The two have spent their whole life together and have seen each other grow. During their childhood, Muttu brings Shanmugam home as he has no parents after which he becomes no less than a part of the family. Ever since, Shanmugam has been a protector, a brother and a best friend to Muttu.

Here are five qualities that make Shanmugam an ideal friend


Shanmugam’s concern for Muttu shows when he talks to the latter about Belli. As Muttu’s wife Chitra has passed away a few years ago, Muttu grieves as well as blames himself for everything that has happened. During these difficult times, Shanmugam makes him realise that he had no control over the situation and some things were meant to happen.


Shanmugam has always been honest with Muttu. When he realises that Muttu is going on the wrong track by deiding to marry Maya, he honestly tells him that Maya will only destroy everything that he has built from scratch. He also makes him aware that Maya has always been forceful like the time when she tried to get herself married to Muttu, against the latter’s will.

Shanmugam advices Muttu
Shanmugam advises Muttu


Shanmugam helps Muttu identify his feelings for Belli who refuses to confess her love for him. When he is a fix on whether or not to marry Maya, Shanmugam asks him what he truly feels. Muttu honestly tells him that he has feelings for Belli but is not sure if he should marry her as it would not make his chikkamma happy.


Shanmugam is trustworthy in professional as well as personal life. Everything he has ever done for Muttu or Belli has been for their betterment and never for his own benefit.

Shanmugam consoles Muttu
Shanmugam consoles Muttu


Shanmugam is loyal to his friend. From the very beginning, he has supported and stuck by Muttu through thick and thin. He has also never been judgemental and has made sure that his friend is always on the right path. No matter what happens, Shanmugam looks out for Muttu and never leaves his side. This is what makes their bond so special.

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