Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Will Rudra Tell Annamalai That Her Father Has Been Hypnotised?

June 20, 2019


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Chitra of Yaaradi Nee Mohini may be dead, but her spirit is still alive. She makes her presence felt whenever there’s a threat to her husband (Mutharasan) or daughter’s (Ruthra) life. She knows that her husband has been hypnotised by the Guruji hired by Swetha. The occultist (Guruji) had promised Swetha that he would get her married to the man of her dreams. Hence, to stop Mutharasan from marrying Swetha, Chitra informs Ruthra that her father is hypnotised.

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Ruthra, who sees her mother in her dream, hears her telling her about Swetha’s dirty tricks. Chitra tells Rudra that her father won’t listen to anyone else but Swetha because the Guruji has done black magic on him.

Hence to save Mutharasan from Swetha’s trap, Chitra alerts Ruthra about it and asks her to inform Annamalai at the earliest.
Will Ruthra communicate Chitra’s message to Annamalai to save her father?

Incidentally, Annamalai wonders what went wrong with Mutharasan after he returned from the town where he had gone to meet the Guruji. But he did not fathom that Swetha would stoop so low to marry Mutharasan. What will he do if Rudra tells him that her father is in a hypnotised state?

For the unversed, the Guruji says that no one can remove the effects of his powers on Muthurasan. And if someone tries to do so, he/she will invite death. They will die and so will Mutharasan. So he asks Swetha to be cautious about it and not let anyone suspect that Mutharsan is under the influence of black magic. Will Annamalai be able to save Mutharasan?

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