Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Will Mutharasan Agree To Marry To Swetha?

June 18, 2019


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Fans who want to see Mutharasan and Vennila together may get disappointed because the two may not be able to get married. Swetha had hypnotised Rudra to such an extent that the little girl lost control of her senses and started dancing to her tunes. She even went on to cut the chandelier rope on the occasion of Janani’s birthday to ruin the celebrations. To get Rudra treated, Mutharasan unknowingly takes her to the person who has been hired by Swetha. The person recommends a Guruji for treating Rudra and bringing her out of the hypnotised state.

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Meanwhile, Annamalai comes to know that Mutharasan is in the wrong hands. He takes Vennila to a priest who asks her to perform a few rituals to ward off the effects of Guruji’s powers on him. Sadly, Mutharasan also gets hypnotised and starts moving as per the Guruji’s whims and fancies. Thankfully, Vennila’s sincere efforts stop Mutharsan from getting married to Swetha during the Muhurtha which was ideal. Swetha gets disappointed, but the Guruji assures her of unexpected results.

As promised by the Guruji, his powers start showing effect. When the crows attack Mutharasan and Rudra while they are on board their jeep, the Guruji chants his mantra to drive away the birds.

Swetha realises that the Guruji is not an ordinary occultist. Maruthu tells Swetha not to get carried away because he feels the Guruji might have made false promises. But Swetha says she has tremendous faith in him and believes that he will get her married to Mutharasan at any cost.

Now the big question is – will Mutharasan agree to get married to Swetha? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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