Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Swetha Hatches A Plan To Marry Mutharasan During Brahma Muhurta

July 10, 2019


2 min

Swetha has done all that she can to stop Mutharasan from getting closer to Vennila but her she has failed to do so. Her hatred for Vennila makes her lose the battle, but what will she do now to succeed in her mission? The occultist, who had warned Swetha multiple times not to avenge Vennila, tells Swetha to follow his instructions.

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The Guruji tells Swetha not to wear Chitra’s mangalsutra because it is cursed. She cautions her, stating that if she insists on wearing it on her wedding day, she will lose her life. So, to deceive Mutharasan and convince him to get married to her, Swetha will need an identical mangalsutra. The Guruji assures Swetha that he will get an identical one made and infuse it with special powers. Swetha, who knows she is just a few steps away from her ultimate goal, agrees to follow the Guruji’s instructions without arguing with him.

For the unversed, Swetha threatened Vennila with dire consequences if she reveals she was beaten up by her. She knows if Mutharasan learns that she had beaten Vennila, he will throw her out of his house. She has played several dirty games to trap Mutharasan and getting him hypnotised. Now, what will she do?

Will Swetha make desperate attempts to impress Vennila and Annamalai by apologising to them for her actions? How will she convince Mutharasan to get married to her? Watch Yaaradi Nee Mohini on ZEE5.

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