Yaaradi Nee Mohini 10 December Preview: Ruthra Teaches Neelambari A Lesson?

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December 10, 2019


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In the previous episode, we saw that Neelambari tells Mutharasan that he should not split his wealth and holdings right now to give his siblings. She adds that once she is satisfied that Swetha is alright and wants for nothing, then the property could be split. Later, Vennila goes to her room and says that the plan was always that Mutharasan’s siblings and beneficiaries would get their due share as soon as he got married. Since the codicil in the will says that the wife is also to be a signatory, she offers Neelambari that she is willing to sign whatever documents needed so that Mutharasan’s siblings get their due share. Neelambari asks her not to interfere in these matters and asks her to leave. She then decides that Vennila has started acting like the mistress of the house and decides to bring her down a notch or two. Later, she asks Vennila to cut her toe nails and give her a pedicure.

In the current episode, Neelambari taunts Vennila saying that it’s some people fate to go on serving people all their life. Ruthra, Janani and Goutham had been watching all this in anger. In order to take revenge, Ruthra and Goutham start playing cricket in the hallway and just when Neelambari gets up and starts walking, Ruthra aims the cricket ball at Neelambari. It hits her and she falls down. Mission accomplished. But has Neelambari learnt her lesson about the household members’ loyalty to Vennila or will Ruthra get into trouble with her father instead for throwing the ball? To find out, watch Yaaradi Nee Mohini, tonight on ZEE5.

Will Ruthra get into trouble?
Will Ruthra get into trouble?

If you are new to the series, here´s what you need to know. Mutharasan is a wealthy landowner whose stepmother secretly kills his wife Chithra. The ghost of his wife still hangs around, trying to protect the family. To relieve Mutharasan of his wealth, Neelambari later gets him engaged to her niece, Swetha. Other household members and the rest of the village doesn´t approve of Swetha, especially his cousin Vennila, who has been in love with him all her life. Eventually Swetha´s many, many plans get foiled and Mutharasan is married off to Vennila. However, his problems don´t end there. Due to a spell cast by Swetha, Mutharasan has forgotten that he was once in love with Vennila. After his marriage, he requests Vennila for some time before they initiate physical relationship.

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