Wow Wednesday: Meet The Four Beautiful Women Of ZEE5 Original Anaganaga

Sneha Bale

January 29, 2020


1 min

Monica Tavanam as Maya

The newest ZEE5 Original show is titled Anaganaga, which is a relationship-drama. During our conversation with the director of the show, Hussain Sha Kiran, explained that the show encapsulates many feelings and will be an emotional ride for the viewers. The story revolves around 11 characters who are connected to each other with love, grief and pain. Amongst the 11, four characters are women. If you haven’t seen them yet, let us tell you why you mustn’t miss out on them.

Watch the show here:

The first lady of Anaganaga is Monica Tavanam who we see as Maya in the show. The character of Maya is that of a business journalist. She is smart, sweet,  and independent. Similarly, in real life, Monica is super stylish and beautiful. She has proven her acting chops with Three Half Bottles and now is entertaining us with Anaganaga.

Maya Nelluri as Anjali

The second girl we meet in the show is Maya Nelluri, who plays the role of Anjali. Just like her on-screen character, Maya is bubbly and chirpy. She can light up a room with her smile.

Deviyani Sharma as Tara

Next in the que is Deviyani Sharma aka Anaganaga’s Tara. This curly-haired beauty’s character is a believer of destiny and fate. But will destiny work in her favour? Let’s see what unfolds.

Pooja Kiran as Esha

Finally, we have Pooja Kiran who is seen as Esha. In the show, she is seen as the elegant and modest new-age girl. She knows how to handle a situation with grace and a smile on her face. In real life, Pooja is also a model and her social media pages are full of beautiful photographs. These pictures will make you want to take a moment to stare at her.

Stay tuned for all the updates and more details about Anaganaga and its actors. For now, check out the show or finds Three Half Bottles on ZEE5 here.

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