Wow Wednesday: KKBT’s Karna AKA Krushal Ahuja Working Out With His Dad Will Make Your Day!


July 1, 2020


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We all know that the handsome actor Krushal Ahuja, who plays the lead character of Karna in the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo Tomayis quite the hunk. He is a total pro — be it at his role in the popular soap, or busting it out at the gym to maintain his ripped physique! But did you know that Krushal Ahuja is also a family man who shares an incredible bond with his dad? Well, we got you the proof right here!

Watch an episode from Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay below:

Krushal Ahuja dedicated a heartwarming post solely to his father on Father’s Day 2020, and we found out that the two have a great time working out together!

Check out Krushal Ahuja’s original post from his social media page here:

One of the videos in Krushal Ahuja’s post takes us right into a super fun session of aerobics and stretching that he enjoyed doing together with his father. We finally know where he gets his fitness bug from — it runs in his genes! Apart from having a blast by burning calories together, Krushal clearly cherishes his dad endlessly, and feels extremely lucky to be his son. Krushal’s respect and admiration for him is boundless, and we can feel it all the way from here.

Krushal Ahuja
Source: Instagram

Krushal’s dad even enjoys dancing, and it comes as no surprise anymore that Krushal is similarly blessed with the same talent! Indeed, it is now clear that we actually have Krushal’s father to thank for all the hours of entertainment that his son never fails to provide us with. Their relationship is super touching, and inspires us to take up working out as a fun choice of activity with our own dads!

What did you think of Krushal Ahuja’s fun exercise session with his father? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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