Wow Wednesday: Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’s Radhika Looks Like A Bengali Bombshell In This Shoot


May 20, 2020


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Bengali Beauty


Actor Swastika Dutta, who plays the role of Radhika in the hit Bengali TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, recently posed for new photos in a traditional Bengali look for a shoot from her home. The photographer captured her looking absolutely ravishing, and we got you the results here! Check them out.

Here, Swastika is totally stunning in a red-and-white saree that is a typical style in Bengal. She is carrying the tradition and has added her own personal touch to the look. With a fashionably cut sleeveless blouse in red, a red tip, and silver jhumkas, she shines like no other! Watch her in the Zee Bangla TV show Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay below.


Her Many Faces


In this photo, three of Swastika’s shots have been stacked atop each other, and are a juxtaposition of her faces clicked at three different moments. She is smiling in one, looking enigmatically into the distance in one, and looking up and posing dreamily in the other. Isn’t that well put together?

Cameras On Camera


We can see exactly how the photographer has shot Swastika with his camera from his screen in this photo! Very artistically captured, Swastika is holding a document in one image, and looking wistfully out of her window in the other. She cuts a striking figure in this signature red-and-white Bengali saree that suits her perfectly!

Smile Please


Swastika flashes us her winsome and gorgeous smile in one side of this photo, and demurely looks down in the other. Her happy face here really lifts up the spirit and helps us to stay as positive as her! Wouldn’t you agree?

Expressions Galore


In this collage, we can see just how expressive Swastika is! Displaying contrasting emotions of joy, pensiveness and an understated gravity — five collated images with a wide range of expressions make up this photo. No wonder she is just a good actor!

How did you enjoy Swastika’s traditional Bengali photo shoot? Tell us with your comments in the section below.

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