Wow Wednesday: 9 Times Pragya Jaiswal Proved Black Will Always Be The Colour Of The Season

Sneha Bale

November 20, 2019


1 min

Yes, for every occasion


It’s mid-week and we assumed the blues are starting to hit you. So, while you could be doing a lot of things to get rid of it, here’s something simple and better. We bring to you Pragya Jaiswal – in all her glamour and beauty. The love for black is too real and people keep trying to bring something as the “new black”. But hey! Let Pragya guide you why black will always be black and the flavour of every scene.

Often we are told to avoid black at an event, more specifically to any Indian function. But here, Pragya proves why our hearts go out for this hue for every possible event. It’s elegant, daring and simply awesome.

Making everyday better


A casual black-top or a casual black pant is sometimes all the effort you need to take, in order to look “dressed up”. Here, the Nakshatram actress pairs a black tank top with good ol’ denims on one hand and on the other, adds layers of black to keep warm on a winter day. While the piece of clothing serves the purpose, it also makes her outfit look perfect.

Romping through the fashion streets


We found not one but three times Pragya painted the town red with her black romper. One for her self, one for the inner fashionista and one for the boss babe! Black rompers clearly go a long, long way.

Badass boss babe


This is why we say black will be the flavour of every season! Raise your hands if you believe, like us, black formals make you look a lot more polished and intimidating. What better to get ’em folks bowing down to you?

Black with a hint of white


In the picture above, Pragya dons two jumpsuits that have some white colour while black dominates the outfit. She looks comfortable, dressy and totally chic – in that order! The black satin jumpsuit, we have our heart on it. What about you?

Drop it like it’s hot


Let’s start a petition to find out why black makes everything hotter, tenfolds! Here, the suave Pragya rocks a black bikini, with silver mirrors on the hems, and a black monokini. And… hotness has been redefined. Right?

Picture perfect


Recently, the Achari America Yatra actress took some time out of her busy schedule to indulge in an amazing photo-session by the infamous Bandstand in Bombay. Go ahead and look at it until it drives your mid-week blues away.

All about the monochromes


Once a classic, always a classic! We’re talking about the ‘black and white’ photography. Even when we can see the colours better than ever before, the charm of monochrome photographs does not end.

Hoping your mid-week blues are away now, we sign out. But stay tuned for more interesting stories and don’t forget to check out Gods of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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