Would You Rather Have A BFF Like Prema Entha Madhuram’s Mira Or Jende? Vote Now

By now, we have a fair idea of how Mira and Jende of Prema Entha Madhuram are. Who would you want to be best friends with? Cast your vote here.

Sneha Bale

May 27, 2020


2 min


The lockdown has made us introspect our life and learn more about ourselves. We have found a better connection with the people we need and have probably forgotten the ones we do not. While such thoughts keep floating here and there, we wonder how closely you feel connected to your favourite fictional characters. Today, we’re here to ask you – let’s assume you are Arya from Prema Entha Madhuram. Who would you rather be best friends with, Mira or Jende?

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Everyone loves Arya and his popularity has been massive amongst the ladies. He is smart, wise, charming, graceful and perfect for Anu. Despite being his employees, his two close aids, Mira and Jende, display affection and caring nature towards him. On one hand, we have Mira – young, bright, a stubborn go-getter and ambitious. And then, there’s relaxed, zen-like Jende who can also be furious and give Arya a reality check at regular intervals. That makes us wonder, would you have a BFF like Mira or Arya in your life?

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