Would You Rather Choose To Be Around Sailaja Reddy? Or Would You Pick Mr Rao?

Sneha Bale

July 25, 2019


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Ways Of Conversing


Naga Chaitanya and Anu Emmanuel starrer Sailaja Reddy Alludu is an interesting watch, mainly because of its interesting characters. Two of our personal favourites are Sailaja Reddy and Mr Rao, played by Ramya Krishan and Murli Sharma. Two egoistic parents who both fight for everything, yet they are so different. Who would you rather pick?

Talking both of them could be a task and a half. Sailaja needs an intermediate to convey her statements, even if you are standing right in between both of them. And Mr Rao feels the need to check your background and status before allowing you to be eligible for a conversation with him.

A Smile


What comes easy to you and I is a tough task for both, Sailaja Reddy and Rao. For us, a smile is a gesture of happiness, kindness and other things. But Sailaja considers it be a gesture of ‘giving away’ — her power, her hold or something else. You will find Mr Rao smiling quite often. But is that really considered to be ‘smiling’? You tell us!

Signature Move


Each character has a signature dialogue or step that defines them. But our characters here have a signature move. It seems impossible for Sailaja to speak without showing off her big brown eyes. And that is truly scary. With a pencil moustache and an enviable height, Mr Rao seems to be walking on people (and their dreams) with a straight face like its cakewalk.

The Things About Desire


When you have everything going well in life, the desires increase and become ‘wants’. Both of our characters here want the same thing. And that’s the best of everything — from food to people. But there’s a slight difference. Sailaja wants the best — for everyone around her — first for others and then for her. Mr Rao wants the best — for himself first and then for his family. If anything remains, then that could be for others, maybe.

Power Play


Sailaja loves her power and definitely plays with it. But her approach to publicly accepting or honouring her power is modesty at its best. Mr Rao, on the other hand, does not leave a moment or any opportunity to brag about himself or his achievements. In fact, he has a PowerPoint presentation of his photos and achievements running on TV. Speechless? Same!

Who would you pick? Let us know in the comments below. For weirder characters, check out Nakshatram on ZEE5.

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