World Television Day: Get To Know 10 Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Telly Celebs

Sneha Bale

November 21, 2019


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Thanuja Gowda

Who does not watch television every day? The small box of entertainment is our best friend in multiple ways. But the one reason we keep going back to it is because of the lovely and good looking actors. And so, today is the day dedicated to them and the small screen. On World Television Day, here are 10 facts about our top telly actors.

Starting with the queen of all hearts and the star of Muddha Mandaram, Thanuja Gowda. She belongs from a joint family, which is based in Karnataka. However, she likes to go solo trippin’. We’re not sure how she manages to take time off from the daily shoots but Thanuja makes it a point to get out and get going. So far the actor has checked Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka off her list.

Ali Reza

Iranian genes and its magic are spelt all over this handsome hunk whom we know as Ali Reza. He left his father’s legendary Iranian cafe in Hyderabad to settle down in Dubai, UAE to work for a trading company. Later, he moved back to Hyderabad and tried his hand at modelling and television commercials until Annapurna Studios came his way. And then there was no going back.

Meghana Lokesh

Yet another leading lady of the telly world is Meghana Lokesh. She apparently started doing theatre at the young age of eight. To date, she has been a part of almost 270 shows. Her theatre guru is noted actor and theatre personality Mandya Ramesh. Also, after keeping her romantic relationship a secret from everyone for seven years, she married her sweetheart, Swaroop, recently in a traditional Kannada wedding.

Sree Priya

This on-screen rowdy chica is all hearts. Sree Priya is an out and out foodie. She enjoys her fair share of Mysore Kova and fish fry. Nagarjuna‘s song Greeku Veerudu has been getting her out of the couch and making her blush red since day one. Watching films and playing with puppies or phone games and midnight bike rides are her top picks on a free day.


Sarayu Roy gained massive popularity as the antagonist in Ninne Pelladatha. She was born to a Bengali father and a Telugu mother and was raised in Delhi. Not only does she love eating a good and lip-smacking meal, but she also can serve you with a full course meal.

Siddhardh Varma

Siddhardh Varma makes so many hearts melt with his smile in the popular show Raktha Sambandham. The name Siddharth was given to him by the industry during his initial days of acting. He was born Ravi Verma.

Sandra Jaichandran

Known as the ‘Tamannaah of TV’ and ‘One-take artiste Sandra.’, Sandra Jaichandra is currently seen in Radhamma Kurthuru but she rose to fame with Muddha Mandaram. She has fallen strong and hard for the South Indian heartthrob, Prabhas. But Prabhas isn’t the person she wants to go on a date with. The one celebrity that Sandra wants to share a special evening with is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

VJ Sunny

VJ Sunny is popularly known as the business tycoon, Suryadevara Jaisurya from Kalyana Vaibhogam. He is a goof-ball on-screen and off-screen. A little known fact about this young boy is that he is “crazy” about cricket and is awaiting a moment to play it on a larger scale. Not only that but Sunny is also the one to dub his own serials, unlike anyone else.

Pallavi Ramisetty

Pallavi Ramisetty is known as Vasundhara from Maate Mantramu. However, she bagged the state honour of Nandi Award For The Best Supporting Actor right in her first serial. Pallavi got engaged to Dileep Kumar in March 2019 but the person who she has a huge crush on is not her husband. He is the popular South Indian actor Suriya. Pallavi admires him for his acting skills, physique and the effort that he puts in his work.

Krishna Reddy

Soon after the mega-success of Muddha Mandaram, actor Krishna Reddy was given the title of ‘Ghattammaneni Prince’ and the ‘small-screen prince’. Krishna feels blessed and says that since the show’s success, he has been living like a prince.

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