World Music Day: 5 Chill Bengali Songs To Put On Your Work From Home Playlist This Week


June 17, 2020


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1. Beporoa

As we battle through the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, working from home has become a trend that is probably here to stay. While it may initially seem like a dream come true, we are now becoming familiar with its challenges. We might find ourselves trying to juggle our domestic chores alongside it, or struggling to motivate ourselves each and every day, and come face to face with sundry other disruptions that may crop up! If this sounds like you, here are some songs you can play to help you get in the mindset you’d prefer. Check them out as we get set to celebrate World Music Day!

Beporoa is a song from the Bengali movie Dadagiri. Sung by Ashok Singh, it will energise you just enough to motivate you, so you will feel positive enough to pull through with your work. So put it on, and get it done!

2. Shunno Ey Mon

This one is a mellow number sung by Anirupa Dey Dalui and Sourav Dey, which will calm you down and soothe your soul. It will get rid of any nerves and let you finish your work without feeling too restless, a scenario that many of us are familiar with. Watch the video featuring the actors Eereen Adhikary and Rick Mitra for some downtime.

3. Mon Jure Thakis Oskar

Mon Jure Thakis Oskar is a track sung by none other than the great contemporary Bengali musician, Rupam Islam. You will love this songs for its feel-good vibe, and of course, the spin that only Rupam can provide to any music.

4. Kine De Resmi Churi

Sung by Satrujit Dasgupta, Kine De Resmi Churi is a smooth romantic number from the movie Hero. Lift your spirit and get motivated to work with it, and watch the video which features the actors Nabin and Sraborni. This one is a total chiller!

5. Abar Megh Koruk

Abar Megh Koruk is a dreamy song composed and sung by the artist Ravi Chowdhury. Essentially a love song that evokes many a fond memory on a rainy afternoon, this one will put you in your happy place and keep you there! So put it on, and sail through your day like a breeze.

Which of these songs did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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