World Dance Day: 5 Tollywood Actors Who Make Our Eyes Pop Out With Their Incredible Moves

Sneha Bale

April 29, 2020


1 min

Allu Arjun

On the birth occasion of Jean-Georges Noverre, we celebrate the Internation Dance Day. on April 29. If you’re wondering why he is the man who introduced the world to modern ballet. This day is celebrated to remind ourselves of the importance and impact of dance as an art form to raise awareness about it. We can all agree that music and dance play an extremely important role in our films. And thanks to it, because found few of most polished gems.

When we talk about dance in Tollywood’s context, there are a handful of names that rush into our statements right away. And of course, the list begins with the stylish star Allu Arjun. He can make and make you swoon over his steps, in a jiffy. Hand him a basket full of props or a heavy-duty costume, it is from him that we learned the true meaning of style, in dancing too.


A classic dancer by training and a Nandamuri miracle by genes, Jr NTR is a walking-talking wonder. When he dances, we bow down to his steps. While we enjoy the sheer amazement of his performances, his co-stars despise his ease in pulling off any and every step. Not because he does it so well, but because it is impossible to match up to him.

Ram Charan

“None of us can dance like him”, said Rana. “Whose son is he?”, rhetorically questioned Bunny.  Well, these two sentences are all we need to tell you how good of a dancer Ram Charan is. Fans of the Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan cannot stop raving about his talent. He has his father’s grace and the flexibility that makes his stand apart.


We’ve seen Nithin lip-sync to devotional songs to don a lungi with sneakers while dancing. And honestly, it does not come as a surprise to us that he is a visual treat when dancing. He has proven to us that bones do bend in weird angles, but we dare not try it.  Of course, we are awestruck every time he takes over the stage. But we expect nothing less.

Ram Pothineni

Often, Ram takes the baton of making a song a crazy dance number with his amazing moves. In our honest opinion, he is one of the finest dancers of his league. No matter what the mood of a song is, Ram catches the perfect beat and makes it a whole party.

We’re glad to have witnessed their amazing performances. You can watch them at their best on ZEE5.

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