World Chocolate Day: 7 Childhood-Chocolate Confessions That Will Remind You Of Your Own

Parinika Uchil

July 7, 2019

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1. Aayushi Sharma

Source: ZEE5

Marked as an annual occurrence globally on 7th July every year, is World Chocolate Day! Something that has been our best friend since childhood. God knows how many people you would have bribed for a bar of chocolate or how many exams you would have to clear to earn chocolate for yourself as a kid! Relatable? Zee Kannada is super glad to be sharing this extremely ‘delish’ day with each and every one of you.

Namma Amulya Gowda, who plays the role of Kamali, is a chocolate enthusiast too and we have proof.

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Today, however, on this Chocolatey Day, we decided to ask real-life chocolate enthusiasts about their favourite chocolate as a kid. We also asked them to give us a reason why that particular dessert was their favourite.

Aayushi Sharma, a story writer for Zee Tv (ZEE5), confessed about her favourite chocolate to us. She said, “Oh, I loved Milky Bar! I still do. The white colour really fascinated me as a kid and the yellow bright wrapper, because at that time it was unlike other chocolates. Till date, I haven’t been able to replace Milky Bar with any other chocolate, favourite one ever!”

2. Karthika Nair

Source: ZEE5

Next up is a young mommy (to the little munchkin Ishita), Karthika Nair, who is an assistant professor in Mount Carmel College. When asked about her favourite childhood chocolate, she too confessed to having a staunch love for Milky Bar. But here’s why. “I hated milk and everybody in class told the teacher one day that they drink milk and that’s why they are all so strong and that those who don’t are weaklings. And me being a 6-year-old got upset and started crying. So my best friend at that time got me a milky bar and told me that I will become strong if I eat this and it was yummy when I had it. I fought with mom and made her buy me a bar of Milky Bar every day after school,” she said.

3. Ashutosh Oak

Source: ZEE5

For Ashutosh, a story writer for And TV (ZEE5), he and his brother share ‘sweetest’ childhood memories. He fondly recollected his childhood by saying, “My favourite childhood chocolate was KitKat. So my dad used to bring me and my brother Kitkats when he returned from office. The best part was he used to bring it every single day without fail.”

4. Rajeshwari Pandian

Source: ZEE5

A Staff Editor in Gracenote, Rajeshwari Pandian’s childhood was ‘nutty’. Do you get it? Nutty…Nutties! Anyways, upon asking her favourite chocolate as a kid, she said, “Nutties has always been my favourite. Holding a packet of those tiny egg-shaped chocolates made my day. I still remember how they were a luxury in those times. Though there are many brands available now in the market, holding that tiny red box always makes me nostalgic. Also, my friends call me nutty sometimes, so I guess Nutties will always be my favourite.”

5. Spoorthy Srinivasan

Source: ZEE5

A project specialist at SAP, Spoorthy Srinivasan confessed that the chocolate she loved when she was younger was expensive so would come only after doing well in exams or the likes. “Favourite childhood chocolate was Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, it was introduced during my teens and was not something I could afford with my pocket money every day or even every week. It was more of a special treat if I score some good marks, especially my favourite variant the Bournville was on the higher end of the market and I remember that my mom used to hide this as a gift under my pillow as a treat from Santa every Christmas.”


6. Priyanka N

Source: ZEE5

Working for as a Wireless Researcher at a German Research Organisation, Priyanka N spoke about her favourite chocolate that she and her dad would share. “My favourite toffee has to be Cadbury Eclairs. I remember always having a huge packet of Cadbury Eclairs next to me while studying for my board exams. My dad would give me company while I was studying for my boards. He would read something and I would study and together we have devoured innumerable packets of Eclairs. Cadbury Eclairs reminds me of dad, his constant and never-ending support and the fact that it’s always the littlest things that leave the largest impressions on your heart,” she fondly said.

7. Mihir Raje

Source: ZEE5

Mihir Raje, a geologist, has a favourite childhood chocolate memory and it seems quite emotional too. While recollecting his childhood he said, “My fondest memory is when I was about 5 years old. I had been suffering from high fever for a few days and had just subsided. My mom decided to take me out on a stroll when I decided that I wanted to have Poppins. I didn’t care how tired I was or that I was walking in the bright sun, as long as I got to have my favourite candy. Taste and heart, both satiated, my mum decided she had another chore before we went home, and all I could chirp in was, “You shouldn’t make a sick kid walk so much. I’ve got my chocolate. Let’s go home.”

Do you have any such chocolates that set nostalgia for you even to this day? Send in your memories in the comments box given below.

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