Women’s Day Special: 5 Strong And Inspiring Female Leads You Can Watch On ZEE5

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February 18, 2020


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1. Rani Rashmoni from Rani Rashmoni

Women are the symbols of truth, boldness and strength. From playing various roles of a mother, sister, wife and friend to managing a wide range of problems every day, they have proved their necessity in the society. ZEE5 has always been a platform that respects and admires such bold women. Here are five strong female leads who have set the precedence of strength and strong will.

Rani Rashmoni, the Bengali TV serial which won the hearts of millions has established the role of woman in a very progressive way. The serial captures the life of the historical figure, Rani Rashmoni (played by Ditipriya Roy) while talking about her bravery and valour. She was responsible for building the famous Dakshineshwar Kali Temple.

2. Bokul from Bokul Kotha

Bokul Kotha was one of the longest-running Bengali shows. The serial which featured Ushasi Ray in the lead role of Bokul, a tomboyish girl, shows her struggle from being a girl with a tomboyish personality to a cop who is admired by many. Her motivation and determination to bring her father’s killer to justice managed to motivate many of us.

3. Nayan from Trinayani

Trinayani has added a new flavour to the Bengali audience. From showing the world of Nayan, the lead character, who has the power to see the future, the story communicates her strong will and bold personality. How she braves the problems and issues that come her way teaches us more about her speaks a lot about her grit and determination.

4. Lakshmi from Phirki

Phirki focuses on the life of Phirki who lives with her mom Laxmi, who is a transgender woman. It manages to highlight a major concern of discrimination while talking about the different challenges that Laxmi has to face while raising a child. This serial helps us understand the true meaning of motherhood in a very unique way. 

5. Shyama from Krishnakoli

Krishnakoli is another remarkable serial on ZEE5. This story which talks about how society discriminates based on the skin tone is a must-watch. The serial focuses on the life of the lead character, Shyama who is dusky in complexion. Due to this, she faces a lot of discrimination from everyone. However, she remains undeterred and breaks through all the issues that are thrown her way.

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