How To Enable And Use HiPi Filters And Effects: A Step-By-Step Guide

Check out this easy guide to using filters on HiPi!

Mahima Maniar

September 10, 2020


4 min


ZEE5’s newly launched app HiPi is the latest buzz that’s doing the rounds. An alternative to the now-banned TikTok, this fun application is every content creator’s gateway to freedom. Available for Android users (for the time being only), the app allows users to work their way around filters, effects, music tracks, and adjust the speed according to your convenience. Showcase your talent with options galore only on HiPi!

Before you head on, watch a promo to get a gist of the app here:

Once you have the ZEE5 app downloaded on your phone, you can easily access HiPi. Here is a detailed guide of how you can enable different filters and effect to make your videos attractive.

 How to enable filters on HiPi?

Update the ZEE5 app on your phone to the latest version

Source: ZEE5

On opening the ZEE5 app on your mobile device, tap on the beta version of HiPi

Source: ZEE5

Tap on the plus (+) sign in the middle to create your desired content

Source: ZEE5

You will find a multitude of options to choose from. Tap on Filter

Source: ZEE5

This option will be divided into various categories ranging from Retro to Party. You can choose different filters like bling, mirror, blossom, or a disco filter.

You need to download a particular filter in order to try it. Tap on the downloaded filter to make videos.

Source: ZEE5

After trying out a particular filter, you can always go back to it in the Recent option where it automatically gets saved.

How to enable effects on HiPi?

Out of the many options available on opening the HiPi app, tap on Effects

Source: ZEE5

From trending to cute effects, select any one.

Underneath each option, there are a multitude of effects to try from, ranging from a skull to the famous thug look.

Download the desired effect and record a video

Source: ZEE5

To add effects to the Favourite category, you can press on the small star mark given on the top. Press YES on the pop up that appears thereafter.

Source: ZEE5

After trying out a particular effect, you can always go back to it in the Recent option where it automatically gets saved.

Keeping in mind the ‘vocal for local’ interest, the new wave of HiPi is sure to glue the audience.

Watch out for more updates on HiPi only on ZEE5.

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