Will Shanaya Stick By Radhika Or Give In To Gurunath’s Manipulation Once Again? Vote!

Kedar Koli

June 16, 2020


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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko is currently taking everyone on a rollercoaster ride as its plot keeps getting more thrilling with each passing day. After Maya’s entry in the show, the story took a sensational turn in Gurunath’s life. He followed her closely until he could come in direct contact with her and use her to gain access to Saumitra’s company. Gurunath also sidelined Shanaya, who could sense his evil plans from a distance. Radhika convinced her that she’s indeed being used by Gurunath and that he means no good to her. Shanaya finally decided to get over him and join forces with Radhika in taking down Gurunath. Things are about to get pretty intense henceforth and we demand that you stay tuned for more drama!

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Now that Shanaya is with Radhika, they are working together to teach Gurunath a lesson. The team is planning their every move cautiously since they want Gurunath to be beaten by all means this time. Radhika-Shanaya decide to get Maya on their side in their fight against Gurunath and try to convince her that he’s nothing but an opportunist mastermind. But how will they be able to make Maya believe in them? Let’s wait to see that happen in the show.

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Despite Radhika and Shanaya being a formidable team, the latter has shown in the past that she can’t be trusted easily. Just recently Radhika had helped her out by appointing her in her own company but Shanaya broke her trust by stealing Radhika’s pen drive containing important documents. She proved to be disloyal yet again even though Radhika wanted to get her back on track. We already know that Radhika and Shanaya have a history that could come between them yet again. If things don’t go according to Radhika’s plan, Shanaya would be back with Gurunath as she trusts him more than anyone else.

A Still From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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Even though Shanaya shouldn’t be trusted, Radhika sees the good in her. She has helped puts things in perspective before Shanaya. Radhika knows that Shanaya’s sly plans can be paired with hers and together they could take down Gurunath easily. But the question is, would she stick around or will she fall prey to Gurunath mani[ulative ways yet again? Cast your vote below and let us know what you think!

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Do let us know what you think of the equation between Radhika and Shanaya in the comments section.

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