Will Sathya’s Mother And Grandmother Learn The Truth About Divya’s Duplicity?

August 29, 2019


2 min

Sathya, who met with an accident a few days back, underwent a surgery to get her head injury treated. But she hasn’t yet regained consciousness. Her friends and well-wishers have visited her and have prayed for her well-being, but her mother and grandmother have still no clue about her critical condition. Sathya’s friends had asked Divya to inform her mother about Sathya’s accident, but she chose not to disclose it to them.

However, Divya may land in trouble if her stars stop favouring her. In today’s episode, Sathya’s mother and grandmother will visit the hospital to meet their Sambandi (Prabhu’s father), who suffered a minor heart attack. Incidentally, he is in the same hospital as Sathya. There are chances that Sathya’s family may bump into her friends and learn about her condition. But will Divya stop them from knowing the truth?

For the unversed, let us take a quick flashback. Sathya suffered a massive injury after colliding with a speeding vehicle on the road. As a result of the accident, Sathya fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. There, she underwent surgery but subsequently slipped into coma. Her condition worsened, and when this news reached Divya, she wished death for Sathya. Sadly, Divya has taken sibling rivalry to a new low, that one can never justify. Unfortunately, Prabhu, whom she is engaged to, doesn’t know her real character. Prabhu decides to go away from Sathya’s life because he wishes to marry Divya, a girl chosen by his family. However, he and his family do not know the fact that Sathya is Divya’s younger sister.

Will Divya’s lie get caught? Will she get stuck in the trap she has laid? Watch Sathya tonight and for more entertainment, check out Poove Pochoodava, on ZEE5.

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