Will Sathya Tell Divya That She Loves Prabhu?

June 21, 2019


2 min

Fans of Sathya (Ayesha) are eagerly looking forward to seeing her with Amul Baby aka Prabhu (Vishnu Vijay) but will Divya (Koli Ramya) let that happen? Divya dumped her boyfriend for Prabhu after knowing that he belongs to an affluent family. She agreed to marry him thinking that she will enjoy the riches but fears that her plan may get ruined if Sathya comes into the picture. In the latest episode of Sathya, Divya calls her to know who she was roaming on the streets with.

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Sathya is oblivious of the fact that her sister Divya is going to marry the man she is in love with. Yes, Sathya was asked to stay away from home by her mother until Divya gets married because they didn’t want her tomboyishness to pose a hindrance during the marriage. So Sathya has no clue about her Amul Baby being the Divya’s would-be groom.

Sathya secretly nurtures the desire to propose to Prabhu because she feels he loves her. But the truth is entirely different. Prabhu likes Sathya a lot and has regards for her but is not in love with her. Ever since his marriage to Divya got fixed, he has been only thinking of her as his life partner.

For the unversed, Sathya is a tomboyish girl who runs her father’s automobile mechanic shed along with a group of boys. She is flamboyant, fearless, brave but sensitive and sensible. She is always willing to help those in need and is respected by people for being magnanimous.

Will Sathya sacrifice her love for the sake of her sister? Let us know what you feel Sathya must do now. For more entertainment, check out videos of Piriyatha Varam Vebdum, a new show on ZEE5.

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