Will Sathya Bump Into Prabhu When He Gets Engaged to Divya?

July 2, 2019


2 min

Who wouldn’t want to have a friend like Sathya? She is ever ready to help people in need. Sathya’s generous nature attracts Prabhu towards her but he doesn’t feel she is worthy of being a good life partner because of her tomboyish appearance. He admires her magnanimity but dismisses the chances of having her in his life as his wife. She falls in love with him and attempts to profess her love to him but fails to do so. Will Sathya come to know that he is her sister Divya’s fiance?

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Prabhu has hidden the fact that he is engaged. Incidentally, he is not aware that his would-be wife Divya is his friend Sathya’s elder sister. Sathya’s mother and grandmother have not disclosed anything about Divya’s groom-to-be to her. However, Sathya’s friends know that Prabhu is engaged to Divya. They also know that Divya is cheating on Prabhu. For the unversed, Divya’s first boyfriend is back in her life and he has promised her marriage. Divya may dump Prabhu to marry Bala because he will inherit property worth Rs 200 crore.

At the moment, Sathya is helping a couple by getting them married at a temple. Will she bump into Prabhu and Divya at the temple during their second engagement ceremony? How will Sathya react when she comes to know that Prabhu did not tell her about his engagement? What do you think she will do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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