Will Prabhu get beaten up by Sathya?

July 19, 2019


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Prabhu gets engaged to Divya for the second time, but he hasn’t uttered a word about it to Sathya, his friend. Neither Divya nor Prabhu informs Sathya about getting engaged and decide to keep her in the dark about it. Divya doesn’t want Sathya to know about her engagement merely because she presented the latter’s horoscope to Prabhu’s family when they asked for it. Moreover, Sathya had seen Divya with Bala at a restaurant.

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Prabhu feels guilty of hiding the truth from Sathya because he fears losing her friendship. He unknowingly falls in love with her but refuses to accept it because he feels Sathya will not make for a good wife. He feels he likes her as a friend but cannot think of her as his life partner. Sathya’s tomboyish appearance, her flamboyance pose a hindrance. Moreover, he knows Sathya has a mind of her own and only does what she feels is right. Hence, he decides to keep Sathya out of matters related to the heart.

In today’s episode, Shashi, imagines Prabhu getting beaten up by Sathya for hiding the truth about his engagement from her. Sathya doesn’t appreciate people who hide facts and truth from her, so she gets miffed with one of her friends, who chose not to disclose about his girlfriend to her.

For the unversed, in one of the recent episodes, the Guruji blesses Prabhu and Sathya in the temple. He knows Sathya is the ideal bride for Prabhu. He also knows, Divya is not worthy of getting married to Prabhu. What will happen next? Watch the episode to find out!

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