Will Gaurav Change Mansi For The Better Post Their Wedding, In Ninne Pelladatha?

Sneha Bale

August 5, 2019


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Mansi (played by Sree Priya) is finally married, in the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha. She tried to delay her wedding for as long as she could. But her mother, Bharati realised that her not marrying was causing problems in Mrudula’s  (played by Madhubala) marriage. That’s when the decision to get her married started to take concrete shape. From finalising a suitable to groom to Brahmini conniving Mansi about the wedding with Madhu (played by Abhi Prathap), things were being planned and executed — some out in the open and some secretly. When the day of the decision arrived, nothing went as planned. Neither did Arjun get his daughter married to Swaroop, the suitable match. Nor could Brahmini get her son Madhu to marry Mansi.

Sometimes you do not need an army to stop a war. It only takes a single person. So was the case of Mansi’s wedding. Gaurav made an entry that none can forget. Moments before Sarayu (played by Sarayu Roy) and Brahmini’s plan, Sarayu’s brother and Brahmini’s sister’s son, Gaurav walked in and demanded the wedding be stopped. Not only did he manage to stop the much-awaited and deeply-planned wedding of Mansi and Madhu, but he also turned the tables around by asking for Mansi’s hand in marriage instead of ruining Madhu and Mrudula’s life. And… finally… Mansi was married to Gaurav — away from Madhu and Mrudula. Yet the latter wasn’t happy or even together.

Mansi and Gaurav In Ninne Pelladatha
Mansi and Gaurav in Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

The newlyweds’ first day together was a tough one. But it seems that something struck a chord with Mansi’s train of thoughts. Gaurav tried to be there for her but all Mansi could do was be rude, arrogant and selfish. Gaurav slapped her with a truth bomb by saying: “I did not want to marry you. I had no such plans. I did it only because I couldn’t see Madhu-Mrudula’s lives fall apart because of you.” He further added that Mansi wasn’t in the position to diss Mrudula or feel ‘ownership’ towards Madhu. She helped Mrudula become a stronger person, all their lives and now wasn’t the time to turn her back towards her. Mansi found no words to defend herself. Will this change Mansi for better?

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