Wide Smiles To Teary Eyes: These Scenes From Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava Will Win You

Sneha Bale

July 6, 2019


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Romance At Its Best


Pooja Hegde and Jr. NTR’s chemistry in the film, Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava, is subtle yet sparkling. In one scene, where they tell each other ala cute ga chudaku (say something, don’t look at me cutely like that), you cannot help but let yourself blush, at least a little.

Mondi Katti


In one scene, Raghava has to help Aravinda’s little brother pen down an essay. In an attempt to deliver it, he starts narrating his own story, which he calls the Mondi Katti (stubborn sword) The passion in his eyes and the rage in his voice easily sets our blood boiling. What about you?

Terror, Shame, Fear, Revenge


In the scene here, we have stellar actor Brahmaji and Jagapathi Babu. Brahmaji sits in front of the evil man because his ego has been hurt. The reason for his companions to make fun of him was that he felt what fear was and expressed it. The rage in his words is out in the open, but underlying is the terror of being a loser, shame for being afraid and revenge to seek power again. Powerful much?

The Ultimate Change


For the longest time in the film, Jr NTR’s character Raghava wants to put an end to three-decade long enmity. When the deciding moment comes, he puts his hands down in defeat. He believes that he failed to make a change and that the only way ahead is enmity. Before he could gather the courage to look up straight, the change had begun. *Wiping a single tear drop*

Putting Up A Brave Face


Before the climax, Raghava kills the bad guy and admits to his crime in front of his wife, played by Easwari Rao. In just a few moments, the woman saw her husband butchering her only son. And the next thing she knows is that her husband has been killed, for the greater good. She takes the weapon that still had her husband’s blood on it, washes it clean, ties her hair back up and walks out like nothing happened — only so that peace could prevail between two feuding villages.

The Call Back


The film ends at the same place where it begins. Sunil starts the film by narrating the story of a great man of their times and it ends with the great man stepping in front of them, doing simple things just like them. We love ourselves a good call back, do you?

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