Why Vidyut In Hutatma Season 2 Is The Most Dangerous Character Around (Spoilers)

Rukmini Chopra

July 7, 2019


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After a successful stint with season 1, ZEE5’s original Marathi series Hutatma, has returned with season 2. The show features Anjali Patil as Vidyut, the lead character that sets on a mission to find the culprit who murdered her father. It is through her journey that we are also given a lowdown of the Samyukta movement, that led to the creation of Maharashtra, with Mumbai as its capital. As opposed to the first season where we saw Vidyut as a lost soul, she is a woman to watch out for by all means, in the current season.

Watch the first episode of the show here.

There are many scenes in the series which prove that Vidyut may have lost sight of what she wants and is acting selfish, at the cost of hurting others. For instance, when her mother finds her(Vidyut’s) gun hidden in the rice box, she assumes it belongs to Vidyut’s younger brother. But instead of telling her mother the truth, she acts innocent and simply says that she will get rid of the gun. Vidyut knows very well that her brother is in serious trouble with his mother, but doesn’t offer to protect him. This is the first sign of the fact that Vidyut is no longer scared of hurting people to successfully complete her mission.

A Still From Hutatma
Source: ZEE5

In another scene, Vidyut is running away from a police officer, saving herself from getting caught. At one point, they both reach atop a cliff and a commotion between them makes Vidyut push the officer off the edge. You would expect her to be shocked and full of remorse, considering that she accidentally murdered an officer for simply doing his job. But Vidyut looks off and walks off, without a hint of emotion on her face. This is the second sign which proves that the her mania to find the culprit has clouded her judgement and ability to differentiate the right from wrong.

A Still From The Trailer Of Hutatma
A Still Of Anjali Patil From Hutatma

Vidyut also slyly builds relations with people she thinks will help her in her mission. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Vidyut manipulates people and lies to protect herself. One realises that Vidyut is no longer a woman seeking justice but another victim of political influence and power. She gets ahead by stamping on others and doing this, makes one a very dangerous human being.

Watch whole of season 2 of Hutatma on ZEE5 here and tell us whether you agree with our opinion.

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