4 Reasons Why Surjan Singh From Tu Patang Main Dor Is The Friend Everyone Deserves


April 1, 2020


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1. Their bond is thicker than blood

Sache dost kithe milde han aaj? Kithe milde han who log jo apne yaar te ek vi vaar bardasht nahi karde? It seems that in this tech-driven age, we are moving away from real friendships towards Facebook friendships. However, Aman (played by Rohit Handa) and Surjan from Tu Patang Main Dor have reinvented the buddies bond. Surjan Singh (played by Mukul Sharma) is an ideal friend everyone needs. Here’s why we think so. Watch them in the Zee Punjabi serial below.

Aman and Surjan are brothers from different mothers. Whatever the situation is, wherever Aman or Surjan want to go, they want each other’s support and have each other’s backs. Many times, they have taken a beating for each other without complaint. Border paar karna ya Zarina and Aman layi maar khana, Surjan does it all with a brave face.

2. The pangebaaz

Surjan is a sajjan banda. He never even gets into a heated argument, but when it comes to protecting his buddy Aman, he can face anyone without fear. Surjan and Raju have many face-offs, where Surjan puts his best foot forward to defend Aman.

3. The dil-phek aashiq

Surjan has a huge crush on Lovely and he even drools over other kudis. He attends the screening of Maine Pyaar Kiya just to admire Lovely. Even after his unnoticed attempts, Surjan doesn’t give up and he keeps trying. Similarly, Surjan is totally supportive of Aman’s love story. No wonder he is such a romantic fellow! He has the best example in front of him!

4. Loyal secret keeper

Loyalty and trust have found a new meaning in Surjan. When Aman wanted to fly kites near the border so that he could send a message across the border, Rajwant tried to stop him and Surjan. Raju wanted to know where they were going. Surjan kept his mouth shut like a loyal partner-in-crime. Truly, the friendship these two shares is an anmol rishta.

So now you got to know why a friend like Surjan is the need-of-the-hour. But does Aman deserve a friend like him? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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