Why Jayanthi Is The Funniest Character On Chembarathi Despite Being Vilasini’s Sidekick

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May 11, 2020


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For ardent Chembarathi fans, it is difficult to imagine Vilasini without her favourite deputy Jayanthi. Despite making several strategic plans against Kalyani and Anand, Vilasini is unable to succeed, as Jayanthi is sure to fail in executing the move. With her funny antics and quirky one-liners, Jayanthi is one character from the show, we all love to watch.

Let’s look at the reasons why it is so much fun to watch Jayanthi on Chembarathi.

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Quirky comments on Vilasini

vilasini and jayanthi (1)
Vilasini and Jayanthi

Irrespective of being Vilasini’s aide, Jayanthi is the first one to make fun of Vilasini for her failed plans. Vilasini who gets irritated by the same tries to formulate a better plan each time Jayanthi mocks her. The latter is not scared of Akhila or Krishnan and is the first in the family to point out a mishap by making a joke out of it.

Jayanthi’s quirky one-liners and comments irritate Vilasini but she also gains motivation from the same.

Die-hard foodie

Jayanthi from Thrichambarath
Jayanthi from Chembarathi

Even when the family is holding an important discussion, Jayanthi is always seen munching on the snacks. She can be seen watching chaos unfurl with a bowl of refreshments which signifies that she is indifferent to most of the important matters of the house. Remember how Vilasini’s plan to make Kalyani eat the spiked sweets failed because of Jayanthi?

Vilasini who knows that Jayanthi is a foodie even bribes her at times with snacks to make her do her chores.

Best of funny moments

Vilasini Jayanthi and GangaVilasini Jayanthi and Ganga
Vilasini Jayanthi and Ganga

Jayanthi’s fabulous on-screen chemistry with Vilasini has given us the best funny moments from the show. When Anand tries to hide Kalyani in his room, he is shocked to see Jayanthi roaming around the house in search of a midnight snack. During another incident, Vilasini was happy assuming that Jayanthi made Kalyani eat the spiked sweets but eventually figured that her plan failed when she spotted the latter sleeping.

One of the funniest moments from Jayanthi was when she accidentally gave the spiked juice to Ganga’s father who blabbered the truth about her to the whole family.

Brutally honest

Vilasini hurting Jayanthi for having the spiked sweets
Vilasini hurting Jayanthi for having the spiked sweets

Even when she is Vilasini’s aid no one can stop Jayanthi from being honest. When Vilasini is tired of her plans failing continuously, Jayanthi walks into the room with a bowl of snacks and praises Kalyani’s culinary skills. Agitated by Jayanthi’s honesty, Vilasini starts thrashing her.

You must have observed, after the dance competition, Jayanthi was quick to congratulate Kalyani for her performance even when her plans to stop the latter failed. Jayanthi, with such funny moments from the show, is one of the best characters to watch on Chembarathi.

Which is your favourite Jayanthi moment from Chembarathi? Tell us in the comments below!

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