Which Song Goes On In Vikrant Saranjame’s Mind? Allow Subodh Bhave To Answer!

Kedar Koli

June 26, 2020


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Apart from his versatile roles in superhit biopics, Subodh Bhave is also known for his stint in Zee Marathi‘s romantic thriller Tula Pahate Re. The actor was cast in a never-seen-before avatar where he portrayed a grey character named Vikrant. Subodh received widespread acclaim for his effortless performance in the show. The immense popularity has still not died out even though the show ended its run years ago. The talented actor has also not moved past and keeps referring to this infamous character on social media. Subodh recently shared a picture where half of his face is seen to be covered in shadows and asked his fans which song would be playing in Vikrant’s mind. The fans were quick to comment the answers but unfortunately, none got them right. Can you guess which one is it?

Watch Subodh play Vikrant in an episode of Tula Pahate Re here.

The actor let the fans use their imagination to guess the song describing Vikrant’s state of mind. As fans weren’t able to pick the right song for Vikrant, Subodh himself came up with a quirky answer. The Tula Pahate Re actor shared that he finds the song ‘Ratris Khel Chale Ya Gudh Chandnyancha’ apt for his photo. However, for Vikrant’s state of mind, Subodh revealed that ‘Banva Banvi Ashi Hi Banva Banvi‘ matches it perfectly. Indeed, this song is fitting to this character who was often found planning and plotting to inherit wealth on the show. It is possibly the quirkiest song Subodh could come up with for Vikrant. We love it!

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कुठलं गाणं चालू असेल मनात? (हिंदी नाही मराठी) तुम्ही सगळ्यांनी खूप गाणी सांगितली आणि लक्षात आलं की आपल्या भाषेत किती सुंदर गाणी आहेत. खर तर या फोटो ला "रात्रीस खेळ चाले या गूढ चांदण्यांचा" हे गाणं जातं, पण विक्रांत च्या मनात "बनवाबनवी अशी ही बनवाबनवी" हे गाणं चालू आहे😁😁😁

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