Which Of These Stills From The Latest Episodes Of Paaru Are Your Favourite?

Take a look at how wearing the ancestral bangles affected Paaru.


September 16, 2020


1 min


As we know, in the previous week of Paaru, Janani puts the ancestral bangles that are meant for the future daughter-in-law on Paaru. Akhila notices this and is taken by surprise. She immediately stops Janani and asks her why she put the bangles on Paaru’s hands as those are her ancestral jewellery. In the process, we see that Adi tells her that she is like a family member and that she can wear the bangles as they look beautiful on her. They all tell her that she needn’t go through pain to remove those bangles.

Check out how things turn around and the cutest stills of them from the episode!

However, things turn around when Adi removes the frustration he has at work on Paaru and tells her that she cannot do the housework properly and has no regard for the fact that they treat her like family. She, then, goes on to taking Gani’s help to remove the bangles. Adi also apologises to her for speaking to her rudely.

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