When Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’s Sahil and Vedika Taught Us 5 Valuable Love Lessons

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February 13, 2019


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One thing we all know about love is that it’s not easy. Especially if you have an unusual love story like Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’s Sahil Agarwal and Vedika Mathur. On the show, the two lead characters in love have an age gap of 18 years with Vedika being the older one. If you have watched the Zee TV show, you must have seen the two fighting various obstacles just to be together.

Their struggle is very much evident in the video below:

Throughout the show, Sahil and Vedika’s journey has taught us some valuable relationship lessons.

1. Age no bar

Apart from age, caste, creed or gender should not be a deciding factor in choosing your life partner. Remember the first time Sahil fell for Vedika?

2. Always stand by your partner

We have seen both Sahil and Vedika stand by each other in spite of facing tough challenges. It reminds us when Sahil saved Vedika and Arya from Puneesh. Unconditional support to your partner is the golden rule you should follow.

3. Love never dies

Recall that sequence when everyone believed Sahil was dead. Vedika remembered the good times she spent with him, which proves that love is eternal. As they say, true love never dies and never leaves.

4. Learn to ignore

From Badi Amma to Bhumi to Usha, all have spoken ill about Vedika. They also questioned her modesty on the show, but Vedika never let it affect her. This sort of talk only strengthens her love for Sahil.

5. Love is not easy

Just like Sahil and Vedika, every relationship has its ups and downs. It is important to stand by your loved one during tough times and be there for each other.

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