What Will 21 Day Corona Lockdown Be Like For Akhila, Vanaja, Sathya & Other TV Characters?

Will Akhila send away the servants and cook herself? How will Sathya and Prabhu deal with being stuck together for 21 days? Read on to find out.


March 27, 2020


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On Tuesday (March 24, 2020), Prime Minister announced a total lockdown across the nation to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Couch potatoes hailed this decision with relief, for it means binge-watching online series, sleeping and waking up at odd hours and basically taking a break from daily schedule. But, for most of us social animals, shut down is some awful circle of hell. After all, connection and sharing is the only way to be energized and recharged and this isolation, lockdown and even social distancing required to protect ourselves, although completely necessary, has been a mentally difficult process . More than ever, we are now dependent on our favourite TV characters to entertain us and drive away our self-isolation blues. But have you ever thought about how your favourite characters from popular ZEE Tamil series would respond to the lockdown. What would Akhilandeshwari or Vanaja from Sembaruthi or even Vennila do in such situations. Read on to find out.

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Vennila (Yaaradi Nee Mohini)

Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Source: ZEE5

Lockdown might Vennila’s dream come true. It’s like she had been preparing for this her whole life. Vennila loves to spend time with her loved ones and would be on cloud nine at the idea of spending more quality time with her Muthu mama. Also, Vennila is essentially a caregiver, who loves to take care of people and this will be the opportunity for her to shine. She will be perfectly comfortable taking stock of how much food is in the house, how much supplies to be bought for the lockdown. She will take pride in cooking the choicest of dishes for her family, skillfully managing even with the restricted food supplies due to lockdown. We are sure that, by the end of 21 days, everyone will be suffering from holiday weight gain.

Parvathy & Akhilandeshwari (Sembaruthi)

Source: ZEE5

Life can be lonely for a housewife, who is stuck at home whilst her husband is out at work. However, the coronavirus lockdown is definitely good news for Parvathy, who hardly gets to see or spend time with Adi. Now, on the other hand, Akhilandeshwari, who is an independent and ambitious woman, might surely find it difficult to survive the 21 days lockdown as she won’t be able to do what she likes the most – run a business. Like any good boss, I am sure that Akhila will also ask her employees, including her household staff to remain safe in their own homes. But this also means that, Akhila, who has been dependent on her maids all her life, is surely up for a challenge during this lockdown. It doesn’t look like she can cook, nor will she eat anything that Parvathy prepares. So we wonder what will she survive on. She doesn’t seem to have any other option other than depend on Parvathy. I am sure, Parvathy’s going to look at this situation as an opportunity to impress her mother-in-law, to know her better and bond.

Karthik & Simran (Yaaradi Nee Mohini)

Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Source: ZEE5

While most of us would find it difficult to maintain our sanity while stuck at home but for Karthik and Simran it is the other way round. Karthik, who’s been losing his mind and executing these lame ideas just to make Simran stay in the house longer than it was decided, will finally heave a sigh of relief. Lockdown will not only let his brain rest for a while but also buy them (Karthi and Simran) more time to convince their family for their love. Also, the two lovers can sneak off to the terrace at night for some secret romancing. However, the lockdown will turn Neelambari mad as her plan to throw Simran out of the house will see no execution until 21 days. Also, like Akhila, Neelambari too will be forced to depend on Vennila as the servants are now isolated in their own homes.

Sathya & Prabhu (Sathya)

Source: ZEE5

Currently, Sathya is so hurt and angry that she doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Prabhu. So the idea of a 21-day lockdown may scare the couple initially, but we think it will actually prove beneficial to Sathya and Prabhu’s relationship. Sathya’s problem with Prabhu is that he still hasn’t understood her. However, with the two being locked in their house 24/7 for 21 days, misunderstandings will be eliminated and love will bloom. Sathya is a truly genuine person with a unique way of looking at life. That makes her very lovable and we don’t think Prabhu realises that enough.  So, during the lockdown, Prabhu may just start to value and appreciate Sathya for all her unusual and cute ways. The lockdown also gives Sathya ample time to woo her husband. More importantly, neither Anita and her husband nor Vinod will be able to introduce any new character to create further trouble in our favourite couple’s lives. Well, for 21 days, at least.

Arun & Vanaja (Sembaruthi)

Source: ZEE5

If Vanaja and Arun are locked in the house with everyone else, the former will leave no stone unturned to irritate Vanaja by playing pranks on her. Clearly, no one likes Vanaja in the house and Arun, being the jolly kind, will make sure to teach her a lesson with his antics. We wouldn’t be surprised if Arun pretends to cough and sneeze in front of Vanaja, just to scare her.  Or play some other prank to get her into trouble with Akhila, who will already be irritated due to the lockdown. But Vanaja is also equally sneaky and she will try to use the opportunity to create more problems and misunderstandings in the house. She may even make plans over phone with Nandini to create more problems for Akhila. So stay tuned!

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