What Is It That Makes Sathya Stand Out Among Other Female Characters?

August 15, 2019


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In the series Sathya that airs on ZEE5, we see Ayesha playing the part of Sathya who is the lead female character of the show. While we see that she is a tomboy who has rough edges to her character but the true essence of the character is show subtly over the course of the series. The main crux of the show is built around the life of Sathya, her sister Divya and the complicated relationship that each of them develops with Karthik Prabhu, a part played by Vishnu Kumar.

Watch the conflict in the life of Sathya, as depicted in the show Sathya.

Now, the character of Sathya is shown as a character who struggles with her responsibilities for the family and her emotions for herself. Over the years the television series have explored the dilemma and conflict that women usually have in different possible ways. But most of these ways end at the same point, where we see the women trying to fight the conflicts that she has to face outside the limits of her control.

With this series the change that is brought about in the typical characterisation of women is evident. As we see Sathya not to be a typical heroine, who cries and suffers at the hands of destiny. In fact, we see that Sathya is a fighter. She does not need others to solve the problems for her but always has an upper hand in the way the things need to be moulded. She is focused in this respect and has no inhibitions while acting out based on her instinct.

A still from Sathya

Thus, she does not need the support of a man to live her life but yes that does not make her immune to the feeling of love and being loved. Well, she is but a human at the end of the day. So, when it comes to living her life to the fullest, Sathya as a character sets an example for women across the globe. For she, through her character insists on the importance of having individuality and fighting for it. This quality of Sathya also makes her socially responsible and gentle at heart even though she portrays herself as a tough individual.

So, what do you think of Sathya’s character in the series? Leave your comments in the section below.

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