Gattimela: What Does Vedanth Need To Know About Druva To Better Their Relationship

There are certain things that have been kept from Vedanth. Details inside.


August 14, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya shoots the rope instead of Vedanth himself. Vedanth uses this opportunity to attack Kishan. He ties Kishan up and unties Vikranth after which they have an emotional moment as they are all safe. Vedanth thanks Vikranth for coming and saving him to which Vikranth said it was Amulya who played such a major role in saving him. However, we also see that Druva plays a very important role in helping them succeed.

From the very start, we see that it is Druva who doubts the fact that Vedanth has actually gone to Australia. He gets in touch with Adya and tells her that he is almost sure about Vedanth being in trouble. This is something that Vedanth must know. The only way things can also get better between the two brothers is if Vikranth tells Vedanth that Druva is not as bad as he thinks he is and has actually played a major role in saving his life. What he also needs to know is that Druva fought the goons so that they do not reach him and attack him again.  He also puts his life at risk to do the same.

Vikranth must also tell him about the time when he saved Aarthi from the goons when they did not have any option. Apart from this, Druva has also been there for the Manjunath family only because they helped him out once during his time of need. He has helped Pari set up her business and saved Adithi from several problems that she has faced in college. If Vikranth and Adya can tell Vedanth what Druva has been doing, there is a great chance that their relationship can get better.

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