What Does Sathya Teach Us About True Friendship?

Sathya struggles to find her space and love within the framework of her responsibilities and problems.

June 12, 2019


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Sathya is a show with a difference and this is not in the manner the script takes us through the bittersweet journey Sathya(Ayesha) and Prabhu(Vishnu Vijay) but it also exists in equal amounts, if not in a greater measure, in the character of Sathya. The part of Sathya may look like a simple role but it is not. As we should understand that Sathya is not just a common girl but she is someone who is responsible. It is this responsibility that makes her adorn the role of a tomboy who hides her emotions behind the facade of seriousness.

Watch the struggle that Sathya has to face in the show.

In the show, we see how Sathya struggles to find her space and love within the framework of her responsibilities and problems. But amidst these problems what this show manages to do is hold our interest with some really comic situations. These comic moments are a big highlight of the show as it not only renders a comic relief in the general array of drama but also adds to the charm of the show.


Apart from this factor, the other aspect that acts as the USP of the show is the thick friendship between the characters. We see that Sathya shares a good relationship with Prabhu and apart from the brewing romance between them, they also share a strong friendship. The friendship between the two is such that they both go out of their comfort zones while they try to help each other.

It is not just this friendship that takes the centre stage but Sathya’s friendship with her gang of garage boys is also astounding. The way they stand with her through her thick and thin is really praiseworthy and something which can be taken as a point of inspiration. Similarly, is the friendship between Prabhu and Sasi who both stand tall in the instances of friendship in the series.

So, take a note from these friendship examples and aim at maintaining such kind of relationships.

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