What Does Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya Have To Say About Karma? Check Post

August 21, 2019


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Aishwarya Shankar is one of the important characters in Sembaruthi that streams on ZEE5. In the series, she forms the basis of one of the conflicts that ensue between Mithra and Parvathy. While her character has its own confusion and dilemma, yet she manages to prove her worth in some of the crucial occasions throughout the series. The part of Aishwarya is essayed by the talented Janani Ashokkumar.

Watch Aishwarya as she manages to dodge the problems created by Mithra and Vanaja.

In a recent post to her Instagram account, this actress has shared a message which speaks about the role and significance of karma. Check out the post that she shared.

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So, what is this thing about karma that you should be worried about?

Karma, the word is derived from the Sanskrit term karman which means “act”. According to philosophy, it is believed to be the universal law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s life. This is one of the major factors which provides a motivation to lead a moral life, and it also serves as the base for the explanation of the existence of evil. Thus it is believed that what we give into this world is what we get back.

We should all realise that we are a part of this world and each of us has equal take in what has been offered to us. Also, we must understand that life always exists in the format of a barter system. So, if we take out something or give something there is always a balance that tries to restore itself.

Thus, if we think negatively and try to harm people, there is always that factor that tries to balance your inappropriateness with an equal amount of appropriateness and this could prove problematic to you.

So, try to believe in karma and share happiness as much as possible and pay heed to what Janani Akshokkumar has to say. Share your thoughts with us in the section below.

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