We Need To Take A Moment And Appreciate The Character Of Vanmathi In Goli Soda

June 14, 2019


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One character that you cannot miss if you have watched Goli Soda is Vanmathi. Played by Seetha, who does an excellent job in keeping up the spirit of the movie. With her thick pair of glasses, buck teeth smile, and dried hair parted into two unruly plaits, Vanmathi is not a typical heroine that you would expect to appear in a Tamil movie, but in Goli Soda, nothing is of typical nature. Right from the diversion of a classic hero’s punch dialogues, to avoiding the slow-motion punches in fight scenes, everything is different about this movie.

Watch the distinct flavour of reality as depicted in the movie Goli Soda.

So, with all these deviations from a typical story, the fact that Vanmathi is the love interest of Sithappa, a part played by Pandian, is not surprising. Now, Vanmathi is not just a female character who is there to add charm to the movie, but she is also an integral part in the bonding and friendship that is shared by the four young boys, Pulli, Settu, Sithappa and Kuttimani. And throughout the course of the story, she attempts to contribute to this thick friendship.

A Still from Goli Soda

In fact, it is she who tries to find these four youngsters when they are all separated by the local dada Naidu’s goons when nobody else bothers with their whereabouts. She somehow finds out the location of these boys and travels to each of the places and unites them back. This makes her a central part which holds together the story in the second half of the movie. Also, the fact that Vanmathi finds inspiration in the unity of the boys and tries to forget her woes about her physical limitations and her parental issues is surprising.

A Still from Goli Soda
A Still from Goli Soda

So, with all these attributes, Vanmathi truly comes across as a true heroine of the story and manages to outshine the others in terms of being true to the friendship. Do share your opinions about the character of Vanmathi and her significance in the movie, in the section given below.

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