We Imagined Our Favourite Diwali Tapakaaya As Our Tollywood Celebs, Here’s The Result!

Sneha Bale

October 27, 2019


1 min

1. Samantha as the classic rocket bomb

Diwali is here and one of the most important Diwali rituals back in the day was bursting all the firecrackers before bedtime. Now that the wise choice is to go green, we decided to mould our ritual to suit modern times. Guess what we did? We imagined our favourite Diwali firecrackers to be our beloved Tollywood actors. And here’s what we think!

We’re starting off the ritual with the hottest property of Telugu Film Industry and that’s Samantha Akkineni. We truly think she fits the bill perfectly to be a classic rocket bomb. She looks fragile enough to be placed in a glass bottle but when she takes a flight, it sky-rockets and spreads colours everywhere.

2. Priyadarshi as the simple Vishnu Chakralu

Priyadarshi is a popular actor who has been winning hearts with his atypical roles, his kickass acting skills and his amusing acting. We believe he is just like the chakris that we used to burst and reel in happiness.

3. Rakul Preet Singh as the important Kaakara Puvotthulu

Kaakara poovuthulu is the most important firecracker when we think of Diwali. Kids play with it because it’s easy and not so dangerous, elders use to light up other firecrackers. Basically, just like it, Rakulpreet too lights up every frame. Are we right or are we right?

4. Nagarjuna as the quintessential Seema Tapasulu

Laxmi bomb is a strip of small explosives tied together. It takes just one match to light it up and the explosion goes on and on and on. Just like Nagarjuna, who can give any youngster a run for his money, needs one small opportunity to make an explosion that lasts for years and years. Well, he is the Greekuveerudu even at 60!

5. Brahmanandam as the established Atom bomb

Last on our list is the legendary Brahmanandam. The actor has crossed his 1000th film a long time ago and he still goes strong. As the wise once said, there’s no fire without a spark. And it took one film to spark a fire, just like the good old X bomb we light during Diwali.

We’re happy with our imagination. What do you think? Treat yourself to some explosive content on ZEE5 in the form of Gods of Dharmapuri, streaming now.

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