We Got Some Scoop For You About The People Involved In The Latest ZEE5 Original Hawala

Sneha Bale

November 21, 2019


1 min

Yeleti Gourish as Karan


Hawala is now available on ZEE5 and we are hopeful that it will quench the thirst that Gods Of Dharmpuri left us with. It a seven-episode series about money laundering in the old city of Hyderabad. The story is told to us through two couples and today, let’s dig a little deeper about them.

Karan is the lead protagonist of the show and is portrayed by actor Yeleti Gourish. He is a young professional who needs to fulfill his life’s ambitions before taking any diversion. Karan has a knack for cricket betting and makes massive monies because of that.

Anoosha as Vani


Anoosha plays the role of Vani, who happens to be Karan’s would-be. She is an ethical hacker by profession. Like her choice of man, she too believes in making it big in before approaching the idea of ‘settling down’. When the going gets tough, Vani helps Karan push through it.

Tarun Rohith as Guna


Guna is the lead antagonist and is played by Tarun Rohith. He stirs in the main conflict and turns Karan’s big win into a bigger Hawala. Guna is a mastermind when it comes to crime and hiding his prints. He may cross paths with you and take what’s yours without you having an iota of doubt.

Jayasree as Nisha


No crime can take place without a sidekick who can take the centre stage when required. In Hawala, that’s Jayashree’s character, Nisha to Guna. She is the sweet girl next door with a criminal mastermind. Heists are her hobby and slipping out of it effortlessly is her USP.

Stay tuned to unravel the mystery behind this Hawala on ZEE5, on November 21. For now, catch up on High Priestess featuring Amala Akkineni.

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